Stunted ak47 auto

So I planted 2 ak 47 gem sour flower seed using 5 gal pot from a pot for pot but have it in a grow tent with a few other growing plants dif strains limited space and the auto is about at 10 week flowering and almost ready to harvest but it did not grow big

See ya got a topic, but pal I don’t see a question? What are u having a problem with? We need information about man

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Yeah, it’s an auto, they grow to whatever size they want.


You nailed it with the title … Autos are a great lil invention but they unfortunately stunt easy.

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I hate growing auto flowers

I also started with AK autos (first ever grow) I’m only 5 weeks out and just starting to show white filaments of flowering. Mine are definitely shorter as well, probably from not knowing what I was doing early on.

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