Smallest Flowering Plant Ever

This plant is a six week old AK47 auto flower.

What do you think its yield will be?


1 joint :smile:? Are u ttying to keep her small?

Transplant into a 3 gal pot. It will take off growing… the solo cup isn’t big enuff for the roots to grow. Big roots= Big Top

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@Medforme 6 weeks wow… that thing is like week 2 tiny! You most likely wont get much, if anything off this. It doesnt seem big enough to sustain anything. Youre putting in a lot of work for very little return

@70sChick The roots have not even come close to filling that container yet. If it continues to grow much, I will upsize it.

@VelcroThumb It takes very little work now, just a little water. I have, however, wasted a lot of effort getting it to this point. I am growing it out just out of curiosity. I don’t expect to get much, but it will be interesting to see what ultimately develops. Also, considering nothing is available now, nor will there be until I get a harvest, even a couple of grams would be better than nothing.

@Saffa No, it was anything but intentional. It was severely stunted early on and is now growing like a miniature.



We talked a while back about “the clock not starting” right away due to the “stall” at the beginning. Well, I guess this answers that question. LOL

It is amazing how healthy the plant looks and seems to be now. It was a very, very sick plant for a long time.

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i live in north west australia where its very hot and dry,my plants go to the flowering stage way to early every can i stop that and let them grow bigger before this happens,thanks

I have no idea as I assume your plants are outdoors. I am in a very cold climate and can only grow indoors.

That said, my understanding is that the primary trigger for flowering is the amount of light they get. I would think climate would have little affect. I know plants that are grown outdoors here go into flower very quickly and are in the flowering mode a good portion of the summer and early fall.

yea outside and pretty much direct sunlight for at least 7hours.i dunno if heat affects them as its generally hot to very hot

They generally don’t do well in temps above 85 F. I think some strains tolerate heat better than others. You may want to shop for a particular strain.

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I’d transplant and be patient. I had an Auto Fruit Punch that stayed tiny for around five weeks and then took off growing! Your little gal is healthy, give her a bigger pot to grow in and be patient.

You never know. I had a mini me who started out with her first true set of leaves under a half inch. Shes now a month old and as big as her sisters. She looks very healthy now.

@Loneviking Its roots are not even close to filling that pot. If it grows and gets bigger, I will give her more space. And @Laurap I am not giving up on her, but I certainly don’t expect anything.

Autos don’t have big root balls. They have a long tap root with small root hairs off the side of the tap root. And that root won’t always grow out of the bottom. It can curl up in the bottom of the pot. I don’t think that’s the case here as she looks healthy, but don’t look for a pot filling root ball.

@Medforme I figured it had better roots than that. I had a stunted plant similar to this on, it did have decent roots , when I finally potted it up and started giving it nutes and it just exploded in growth… :sunglasses::v::seedling:

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It’s the light. I grew a plant on accident, and it was getting about 12 hours of sun outside. Started flowering immediately. I topped it and then put it in a 18hr light environment and it went back into veg.

@Whodat66 Sorry, but it isn’t the light. The plant is an auto. It got badly stunted and never grew. Now its internal clock says time to flower.

If you say so. I once got a dorito in a bag of potato chips. Stuff happens…

edited to clarify - is it possible you got a non-auto seed by mistake?

What I have found out the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits lol

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