Stubborn OLD seeds

Hey everyone. I have very old (10+ years) Low Ryder auto seeds that I’m trying to germinate.

These things are stubborn!! I soaked in water for 24 hours. Seen them slightly open up and transferred to paper towel method. Now it’s been 5 days with no growth.

Suggestions ? Or should I just toss em lol

@AAA @PurpNGold74

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Keep at them. Try to add a little warmth, not too much but 78-82 degrees.

There is also some tissue culture mediums that are supposed to help with old seeds.

I know Purp has planted seeds, dug them up and then regerminated. I think.

Let’s see what he says!


Haha absolutely have. I plantd some germ’d seeds… got no response. Watered once a week for 3-4 weeks… nothing! Moved that dirt for a transplant, waterd it in to prep before transplant, forgot it. Boom seedlings!

Persistence. They may not pop. But id resoak them for a day or two (dont want em mushy) then toss em in wet dirt


I like the positivity ! And will definitely try that. Is lighting necessary while the seed is in the soil ??

Also, with a name like that I have to believe you’re pumped for tonight’s game ???!!! #LakeShow


You’d want a bit of light doesnt have to be crazy wattage. Just something to keep the soil warmish and shine on their raising heads.

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Haha my wife’s a big LBJ hater too!! You’re right though!! It’s going down !

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That’s great story @PurpNGold74 ! I got this little plant :seedling: . It won’t grow and so far haven’t killed it. It’s almost dead it has new growth on top. I just trimmed off the dead leaves. I moved it into a 5 gallon fabric. I’m going to let it ride out and see what happens. You never know you never know. Th others haven’t died yet after nute burn and a couple of 100 degree days haven’t killed them along with over watering. :joy: maybe these plants are cockroaches :rofl:

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You can add 1-2 drops of Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to your seed soak and it will help them a TON.


Haha true that. Alot grow in spite of us. My first attempt (very first, bagseed, before ILGM) was HORRIBLE!

I planted in yard dirt (not perlite, no drainage). Used heavy MG (no idea what npk was). Didnt pH at all.
Left her outside to be chewed on.
In months of ~100 degree weather.

She still got 3-4 feet tall before dying in flower. But amazing how easy it is to toss some seeds in dirt and watch the magic. Even more amazing when u put knowledge with it and grow DANK