Struggling with autoflowers again

Not a clue what im dealing with this round. Cheesecake auto in Ocean forest soil under a evo 3 In a 2x4 ac infinity full setup. Earth dust organic feed roughly 2 weeks ago now watered with rain water and cal-mag. Its definitely under watered addressing that. Just not a clue whats going on with my fan leaves.


Hey TrapPlay26:
Here’s what I would think,too much/ little water~ u said that u
Are watering with rain water,
Rain water is in my opinion is very good to water with,is it runoff from your roof, have ya checked the PH of water? Or it could be a nutrient problem,
All in all , your plants look great
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Here’s a pic of my grow


Beautiful plant. Yes its run off im catching from my roof to a 30 gallon trash can. If my ph pen is accurate the water is reading around 6.5 im thinking the cal-mag is taking it higher in ph. Not sure if i should just add ph down or just water and monitor

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What is your temperature peaking at?? When my plants would get close to feed time an if the temps jumped up all my leaves would fall out in the matter of a day some evening getting shots or dying

You need to adjust your Ph after adding cal mag looks like it is about time to start feedind other nutes.
I just seen you feed with earth dust

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Im all about organic for nutrients. What would you recommend? Temps with lights on around 80-82 lights off around 70

Can i use ph down without compromising my soil to get my ph in the lower 6 range?

24 hour snapshot

Temps looking good I would say really only thing I could recommend is more nutes what it see how it reacts an go from there you watch it day by day it won’t have time to get away from you if something goes wrong

When using rain water off your roof you are catching all the single dirt and gutter derby with your water sometimes may not be best water source for your plants then catching straight rain water in a bucket or just using tap water after it sets for 24 hours

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I was thanking you could probably use the same filter i use on my warer hose on your rain barrel

This is the one i just attach to my water hose my tap water is a ph 7.5 with 50 ppm before filtered after filtered it reads 6.7 with a ppm of 15 so seems to work to me

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If i could use my tap water here i would. Its absolute garbage at 450 tds range and heavy on the salts to. Im trying to figure out how i could use that filter to work with my trash can rain barrel. Right now ive just been straining the water through a fine netting

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Is it a plastic trash can or metal?

Plastic black can

I would try something like this then hook hose and filter up and should be could to go but would check water ph.

Ill definitely give it a look. Thinking im suffering from containments from the gutter to the trash can? Could that be what im dealing with. Stagnant water sitting im rain barrel possibly a problem? Could always try a air pump to keep it moving i guess?

I noticed my leaves look like they are canoeing this afternoon. Im definitely experiercing some form of issue. Im guessing ph problem. Maybe flush? My other 2 plants arent experiencing those same issues

quick photo from my camera inside tent. Other 2 plants arent effected the same. Definitely suffering in the root zone or something using the same rain water with some cal-mag and recharge here and there.

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Do you check the ph after you add cal mag?

I did last water raised ph to around 6.5 to roughly 6.75