Help.......whats this?

Need HELP with determining what the problem is…could it maybe be heat stress?

Please advise …the plants are Autos…there is 4 plants in total …but only 2 show problems

My first thoughts would be are you monitoring your ph in and have you checked your pH runoff. Would be a good place to start in the troubleshooting eliminating process. Good luck

Looks like nutrient burn, please fill out this form so we can get all the information to help you. Could be some heat stress, but you never mentioned the temperatures you have…

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Thanks for the info…but have no way to check runoff as they are planted in the ground…
Temps have been running high in th 92 to 87 degrees during light and 72 to 76 in dark…
With LEDS 4 bulb 4ft T5 HO over plants 4 to 6 in. Above canopy
6 in. Exhaust fan
Humidity runs around 45 to 65 percent

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Sorry looking at the picture looked like a inside grow.

If it’s 92°-87° I would go with heat being my main concern. I use a simple rule to start. If the leaves point toward the soil, it’s something in the soil like over water or under water. If the curl up toward the sky, it’s something in the sky like temp or light burn. That’s where I start. Its like the leaves point you to the problem.


You my friend… have a calmag deficiency. Are u supplementing any at all?

See this leaf?

Brown boxes inside the ‘veins’ or leaves… thats the sign. Either ur ph is really out of wack (can happen even in ground plants) or u need to up the calmag dosage. Have u been checking the pH of whatever uve been feeding BEFORE pouring it?


Yes I use cal-mag …been feeding every 2 weeks with bloom fertilizer and ph down because they have been running around 7 ph…the amounts are 2-4 tbls of each in a gallon of water…then split between all 4 plants…so maybe not enough cal-mag?only 2 of the four are showing signs

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7PH is causing nutrient lock out, flush, and go for 6.5-6.2. Calcium might be locked out at the 7 PH, but I don’t have the nutrient uptake chart handy.

They are in the ground …I live in a big 5th-wheel rv…so I have the 5th wheel part all in closed with a 10 x 8 grow . All plants are in ground so thats why using ph down.

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So help me out here. Walk me thru it.

U get water… starting ph?
Add nutes… ph is at 7? That seems off. Ph usually drops ALOT when u add nutes.
Then u add ph down… thats also diff. I find myself using ph up by the quart to raise it when feeding with nutes.

So how are u checking the ph? With a meter? If so when was the lasttime u had it calibrated. Just something is off. Unless ur water is naturally unusually high ph to start. Then pure water usually drops anyway

O and i promise im not being a smart butt or doubting u. Just tryna help and get all the info.


Possibly magnesium…

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