Street lights and flowering

I am growing Crown Royal outdoors in my backyard, and I’m concerned about a potential issue. They are behind a 6 foot fence that separates my yard from the street beyond. There are tall streetlights on that road. The fence creates a wide bar of shadow that the pkants are tucked into. Right now, the light barley touches the exterior leaves. But as they grow taller and bushier, more light from the steetlights will touch them.

Could this significantly affect flowering?20190804_093016|375x500


Yes; this is a potential big issue. Do you have a place you could tuck them away at night? Like in the garage?

I do an indoor/outdoor grow with a high end grow space in the garage but they (usually) go out on sunny days (sunlight so far is cheaper than electricity).


Years ago when growing that size plants we used large clothing cardboard containers that moving company’s use for suits and hangered items. We taped two together if needed and covered our plants to ensure they had complete darkness. We even flowered early in July to have something to smoke. Just use a big box and cover after sunset or sooner.


I know this isn’t helpful at this particular time, but have you consideedr autoflower plants for your next outdoor grow? That would eliminate the bad juju from the streetlights being an issue.

Ha simple! Just unplug the street lights! Boom done!

No just kidding like 410 says take em on in.


Yes, I’ve always done autoflower. This is my first year for Crown Royale. Thought I’d give it a go.

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BB gun maybe? Or a sling shot? :smile:


I’ll look into that, thanks!

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I answered you on you other thread u never exceeed 11hrs and 52 mins of darkness that’s gonna be an even bigger issue since that’s in November December Jan Feb your coldest months…like they said you can light dep them anytime… u can shade them right now to flower them just dont be un uniformed with your deprivation every day same time pull a trp tight from that fence to the ground at the end of the day and take it off a few hours into the morning and you’ll startfliwering tomarrow

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You can get roll up black out shades for about $25. Fix one end to the fence and pull them horizontally over the plants to a stake. :man_shrugging:t2: