Christmas Lights Interrputing Outdoor Flowering Stage?

I just harvested several outdoor plants that were about a foot away from your average type white Christmas lights plugged in outdoors on a deck.

The harvest created mostly airy and non-dense buds with Strawberry Cough, Super Silver Haze, Green Crack autoflowers, and Red Headed Stranger, all Sativas, (except for the top few inches of the colas) on all of the plants except for my short autoflowering Green Crack Sativas.

If it was a light issue, the autoflowers would have been fine anyway, and since all of the plants had the same substrate, 5 gallon fabric pots and nutrients, maybe it was the interrupted light cycle?

I’ve read that a full moon is 1 lumen which barely does not affect the light cycle of flowering, but how far away would a string of lights need to be away to not affect the cycle and would that create a density issue with the final flowers?

I don’t want to repeat this problem next summer.


For what i read to much water can cause airy buds aswell

I would not think that would have any effect on bud density

Now if you’d gotten a herm, I could see looking at the lights as a possible cause (unlikely imo)

How much “full” sunlight a day were they getting? Were these autos or photos?
what kind of soil/nutes did they get?

All things to consider for the bud density

Amount of light is the usual culprit

After re reviewing your post I see several of the things I posted, were addressed in original post

I know some here have trouble with autos producing fluffy buds

@Nicky swears by them and gets hard nugs

@Mark0427 swears every auto he grows has nothing but fluff

I grew one auto and it was also fluffy, that’s one reason (among others) that I’ll be doing photos from now on


We have light pollution here. Street lights, security and motion activated lights.

Outside my two GG4s were larfy but the tangy dosidos had nice sticky dense buds throughout. Possibly genetics?


Genetics play a huge role always, even I have had thin buds like recently my amnesia haze was not as sence as most.

However the best genetics won’t help if the environment isn’t dialed in.

Silica if growing in soil less medium is also key and of course light intensity.

Also @Not2SureYet and @Capt.Cola and @Arrow amongst others have all grown countless autos with great success and solid bugs.

You want a solid nug strain? Monster genetics Bruce banner auto.
Rock hard big nugs, if anyone’s growing that strain and not getting good results it’s not the genetic.


Thanks for the tag Nicky. I have had a couple come out not as dense as others but for the most part they are all dense. Genetics, environment, nutrition all play a roll. I grew a couple Bruce banners not monster genetics but had rock hard buds. Sour diesel, gelato, gsc, gdp all great dense buds.

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Sativas tend to lean towards the airy side also compared to Indicas. It all smokes good though :+1:
Happy B Day @JaneQP :grin:


Some are and some are super solid. My Bubble gum are a 50/50 sativa, indica and come out pretty light.
And I thought it was B day cake lol I didn’t click to see. Congrats on sticking with use here for a year :grin:

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I had very similar results with my bubble gum. It was a big plant but the buds were not super dense. Not light and airy but not dense like a bb or my blue dream.

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Happy cake day! A year goes by pretty quick.

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