Street Lights too light for plants at night?

How much do street lights affect my dark times during the flowering stages. Mine started to flower August 8, I barely have time to harvest them before the frost sets in. Street light behind garage doesn’t directly hit them but it doesn’t get very dark. Street light on this side of plants are blocked by house. Plants are camouflaged behind vines, I keep vines on outside cut back so sun hits my cannabis. Do I need to put a dark cover over them at night?

A lot of street lights are HID lights and often they are HPS. These are very similar to the lights used for growing.

It is likely that these may have an effect on your plants. Increasing the darkness is a way to try and get your plant to finish faster, never reduce the light period below 9 hours as thc production will be dramatically reduced with less than 9 hours of intense light.

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Thank you, will start to cover them at 9 pm and take cover off at 6 am, sound good? That would be 9 hours covered and 15 hours uncovered.

They are already flowering, started August 8th, we live in Northern part of US and barely have enough time to harvest. So that covering still good?

Yes but if you cover at 9pm uncover at 9am they will need the 12 hours in and off to be able to keep flowering without stressing

Majiktoker, remember I’m a green horn, do I want them to keep flowering if I don’t really have enough time for these to get to harvest? August 8th to Oct 8th to harvest and we’re suppose to have frost Oct 3rd. If I develop more flowers, do I add on 8 more weeks for those flowers before harvest?

It will constantly grow new flowers until late enough, no it will not add another 8 weeks to your flowering, it should be 8 weeks average from start to finish.

If they are already flowering and your late in the season, my honest opinion yea id go for it flower them. Better to get what you can rather than let them stress and die with no return (no harvest).

What I’m saying is better to let them flower and get what you can by the time the frost rolls in, other wise other option keep them growing with the street light hitting them, you’ll end with seeds and harvest may not be to great because of not having a full 12 hours of dark. Also being said, if they keep vegging and your almost to the season where you start getting frost if they have no buds the frost is liable to be an over night killer with temps to cold, point in this being said in the at most respectful way, do you want to harvest something or nothing…just the way id look at it again not trying to be rude or disrespectful :smile:

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Just tell me what you’d do please, I’m a 71 yr old granny, 1st time grower and know nothing. I’ve tried to read up in the grow bible but sooooo much to learn. Easier asking the expert on here. Thanks for helping me.
I’d rather harvest than have nothing, tell me how.

Cover them for 12/12 like I mentioned

'Thank you, I covered them tonight, will leave on 12 hours. Your quick answer was much appreciated.

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My pleasure that’s what I’m here for I’ll keep checking in on you to make sure all is going well

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you have done a great job hiding your plant :+1:

marijuana shines in the fall…nothing else is green in your yard…leaves have changed color and fallen, vegetable gardens are dead or dying, but that marijuana…she stays green till a killing frost.

you may have to camouflage her during the day, soon.

just being nosey, what is that building near her? If she was in a pot, could the plant have gone in there at night? next year’s grow?

The cannibus is planted in the ground next to the garage. Thanks for the tips on hiding it in the fall, Not sure what I’ll do. I could line the inside with gunny sack to camouflage it but sun won’ get to lower flowers. I only need to cover the east and south side of it, west side is heavy woods and north is next to garage. Any suggestions? I have netting I could use.

the netting, doubled, may hide the leaves enough and still allow sunshine.

you’ll have to wait and see just how much it shows over the next month.

mine grew in a private wooded back yard…I worried about planes and helicopters overhead because once the leaves fell from the trees, the plants could be seen…we have a small airport near us and it’s always got small planes flying around.

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Bobbi I’m A Newbie on this forum or any other regarding Cannabis but have grown in Ohio for over 40 years(-4 years living in SE Ga.on the Coast Learning from some of the best). My Medical Condition had me retired at 40 and now in my 50s with over 2 dozen pieces of metal in my body to hold it together can tell you first hand about “Oppiate Addiction”(Never Again). 10 years ago I had to move my garden due to Noisey Neighbor. Everything was perfect but didn’t consider a light on an out building having such an adverse effect on my garden. Just about the time the “Girls” started looking swell, damn things go “Hermie” on me. Puzzled and Frustrated as Hell this happened for way too many years before one night I looked up to the Sky for answers from somewhere and realized I couldn’t see stars on a clear night…at last some sense to it all. The automatic light had me almost ready to give up considering how it changed EVERYTHING in my life. Changed a few things around and started my test run in the spring with 2 Seeds from S.D. One didn’t germ and the other…well…I’ll add my Pic on that “Great Day” as to not jinx myself as I’m in a state that having a garden is frowned on. But I’ve gotta say it’s my Best Ever! So yes this was my bad experience with outdoor artificial light. Hope it helps anyone from going thru what I did. Best of Luck!

I think the street light is why my 3 plants took so long to flower. Next year I’m putting some plants down by a swamp. The dry land around it has sun most of the day. Lots of deer so I’ll need to put a fence around it. The plants will be auto white willow. If put out early enough, can I get more that one harvest?

Whats your question??