Strange two plants help

Hey folks.
Weird shit here. Done more than one in a bucket DWC way before and everything was great. But I have two that one is just going crazy growing and the other isn’t yet. You can hardly see the other plant in the pictures. Both put in at the same time. And of course same water and nutrient source. The big one grows about an inch or more a day right now it looks like if I sent pics from yesterday. But just took these. Anyone have a clue why one is a midget for now at least?

If they are in the same planter, then more than likely, the bigger has taken over and the small one isn’t getting anything.

That’s the strange thing. Last time I did two in one bucket they both did great and got huge. It’ll be fine I guess. Once the big one is ready to harvest the other will have all the space. I’ve seen people that had 3 in one bucket and all be just fine. It’s no biggie. I’ll just start some more.


That’s the spirit!

Of course start more. I have a shitload of seeds and rock wool blocks to get things going at any time. I always have a new one at least going. It’s all just for me anyway.

Yup got this from me on the little ole IPad Pro 3 1TB.

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