Anyone ever grow 2 plants in one 5 gallon bucket?

Had some seedlings that were suffering from starting them in slow release fert. soil. so I figured I might as well double up in a bucket rather than lose them before I was ready for them.

I need to keep them small guerrilla size so maybe I can make a fat shrub!

I suppose it won’t be a lot different than growing one happy plant by itself… we’ll see.

I sure haven’t, but if that’s what your going to do, why not if your good with that.
Keep topping them while in vgg stage and they will stay short and bushy

B Safe

I have 2 in one 5 gal bucket,growing outdoors,being this is my first grow,I am not sure I can give you any help but I will tell you how my babies are acting. I have a chronic auto fem plant and I think a white widow,in the same bucketI thought all 3 of mine were chronic. The white widow is a half as tall as the chronic. They are bothe green and perky,and after planting on May 18, I have buds about half as long as my pinky.W.W.buds are half size of my thumb.the chronic is about 28-30" W.W. Is about 18". I feed 1/2 the rec amount of nutrients when I water then spritz leaves every 3 days or so.i used nursery potting fertilizer is “flower power” brand. How are your guys/girls doing?

I’ve never tried it myself, although I’ve heard that it causes competition between the 2, and may cause more harm than good.

Well they are doing fine. They were seeds from the same strain. I’m starting to see the first signs of flowering so only about 8 weeks away! I’ll try and get a couple of pics up soon. Cheers!

This is not a problem, generally they will take the form of a normal plant. I.E. kind like where they meet is the center and they will branch out to the sides. What you end up with is two that form like one. That’s what I have currently. I had two start together and let them grow. I search for the same info and found it is harmless and it ends up as one plant instead of two in one bucket

What size pot are they in @peteski72?

10 gallon


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Great thanks

I started 3 years ago with 9 seeds and 1 big pot . I knew nothing about growing. I could not believe what I produced from some “saved” good seeds from the past. Ended up with 7 female plants of different sizes and produced over 8 oz of good buds that lasted me all year. I laugh now at what I did but it was part of my learning process.


I grew 2 in 1, 5 gallon pot last summer outdoors. They did great for awhile but then become root bound. Yield wasn’t bad but 2 seperate pots would i am sure produced more.