Strains and phenotyoes

I hear alot about the same seeds having different phenotypes. I would have thought that the same seed would produce the same results. Seems that this is not so.


Sort of like people. The offsrping will have traits of both. So seeds can show ressesive or common traits and phenos.

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If you remember your high school genetics, it’s pretty much the same thing. You also have epi genetics (expressing different genetics under different conditions). I grew a couple of GL clones along with the parent plant and they were all different too. I’ve had big leaf WW, small leaf WW, bushy GL’s and lanky upright ones. This is why many experienced growers will keep a “mother” and spin off clones when they find a strain that does well in their environment.


That or they’ll make her produce seeds to keep her around as well

So when you plant a hybrid, it’s a coin toss. Do landrase strains (pure), do this as well. Also, does this mean sudden needs for the differences?

I don’t know much about the whole process. I just know that every seed will have it’s own unique traits and phenos. They get them from the mother and rhe father plants. If a seed somes from a plant that wasn’t pollintated, I believe it should be the dame as it came from. From sex to pheno and gemetics, but I could be wrong.
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They could probably explain it better than myself.

@Happy_Pappy Good morning! This is an interesting subject for sure! I have made it a point when I have 2 seeds of anything the same I label them I, II, III, because the results will be as different as night and day. Last year I had two seeds labeled them and one grew like a Sativa and one like and indica. They smoked differently and tasted different so it made for an interesting grow!

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Do you have kids? how many kids from same parents are identical? plants are no different in that they are a mixture of genes the stronger genes tend to express more often which is where back breeding comes in. Plants of most desirable results are crossed than their seeds are crossed again several times to reinforce genes then the best of those plants female plants are feminized/hermied to get female seeds with only one plants genes. However though plants will be more consistent they still have recessed genes which can express any time