Obviously not the same strain of seeds

I purchased the buy 10 get 10 free of the G13 strain. Obviously the two plants in the pictures are of different strains. Now I don’t know what was sent. What can be done about this?

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What leads you to believe that they are different strains?

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Leaves are different shape, buds are different, color difference of plants and totally different smell of buds.

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Do your brothers/sisters or sons/daughters all look the same?

They don’t always look alike, have the same amount of trichomes on the flowers, the buds can be different sizes, colors can vary,…


In the last couple of years I have grown GG and they were basically the same look and smell, Banana Kush basically same look and smell, G13 way different. So yes I would expect the same strain of plant to be much closer than the two strains that were sent to me.

You can see big differences each plant same strain. Sometimes very distinct. No worries.

These are allthe same strain right one one was male but the middle and left one are female looked differnt the whole gro

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There is nothing magical about strains that would make them look alike. Yes, some strains are known for specific colors, but cannabis is cannabis and the primary strain differences are down to cannabinoid content and terpine profiles.

You can contact customer support with this link.

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Let’s play which doesn’t belong.

Please contact customer service if you are unhappy.

You are not playing the game.

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@Ricochet Its definitely perplexing, but what’s the worse case scenario of separate pheno strains….?

Play along lol

You have the opportunity to create two bomb a$$ pheno types for your collection!! See the silver lining and the bag is half full lol!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:


It would be nice to know what is growing you know like indica vs saliva.

I have had single plants with all three of those type leaves.
Cannabis has survived because of its genetic diversity even when breeders try to confine a strain to certain properties. What you are seeing is common.


Your sounding like politicians now.

@Ricochet Keep us posted as you work through your entire grow, it’d be really interesting to see how they both flower and if they ever start to resmemble one another.

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@Ricochet Im registered Independent lol!!!

Will do. :+1:

Perhaps this will help.


I will say this. Genetics is not that simple. If leaves determined the strain, we would all be up the creek without a paddle. Because I have had 3 to 13 leaves.

Just like the human race. If we all looked alike, this rock would be beyond boring.