Straawberry strain

Has any one grown and harvested the Strawberry seeds from ILGM seed bank I am in the 60th day of growing Veg state. fixing to change light cycle to 12X12 . How long from harvest am I . The ad says 55 days flowering . When do I start counting days .
It is confusing to me says 55 days flowering when do I start counting days . Any one harvested the Strawberry and how satisfied with them are you ? I failed to mention I am growing indoors under T5 florescent lightning Veg lights when I go to bloom I will change out to Bloom tubes . My plants are 18" to 28" tall .

I just started growing this strain, so it will be interesting to see what people say.

It is my understanding that plants may double in size once going to 12/12, and that it really isn’t the duration of time, but when the trichomes go from clear to a mix of milky whit & amber is when they are ready to harvest from flower.

The website also mentions that that strain will be anywhere from 10" to 36", so it sounds to me, imho, like they are doing what the site says. It would be cool if you could post some pics.

Good luck in the transition. :smile:

Hey. If you look there is a post with my strawberry plant and . You can see how much I got but mine is out side. It smokes great has nice taste to it, it a strong head high. As for when you start counting I’m not sure, I really don’t worry about it, when it’s done it’s done lol

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You start the count down as soon as you see the string looking buds beginning. It is not when you change your lights to 12/12 it’s about a week or two after you will know it’s started if you check them regularly hope this helps