Flowering time period

When does the flowering period start, from changing to a 12/12 cycle or from the time I see the first sign of flowering? (Flowering period Average (60 days) ?

I always start count from the first day I switch to 12/12. Some people do like to start count from the first sign of pistillate flowers.

I suppose it might depend on whether you start from seed or from clone.

If you are growing from seed and you haven’t already had it showing pre-flowers in the vegetative state, then it is probably a good idea to wait until the pre-flower/first pistols/“hairs” are showing.

If you have grown from seed, and have two rooms, a veg and a flower room, and you keep the plant in the veg room until it is big enough and old enough for it to show pre-flowers, then the first day you put it in the flower room is the first day you want to start counting off for the flowering period.

If you are growing from clone, you probably already have a mother that is already showing, or has shown pre-flowers, and often the clone will, again, already have pre-flowers on it when it goes into the flowering room and again, would start counting on that day.

In the end, various conditions in your grow room can contribute to differing experiences in the estimated schedule. Usually you shouldn’t have to go beyond two weeks longer than the recommended finishing date. And you would most rely on judging the finishing of your plant by the appearance of its trichomes, the slow or lack of further bud swelling as well as the slow and or lack of new pistols/“hairs” appearing.

I’ve noticed, recently, some people having a hard time seeing or developing any amber trichomes on their plants, this might be due to strain, maybe the type of lights they use, or maybe not enough magnification and/or clear white light when examining the trichomes. I have never not found amber trichomes, but they can be very light amber and few and far between, especially under lower intensity lights and lights that don’t have much in the uv spectrum, as it is the uv and heat that most quickly degrade THC and contributes to the amber. Many fluorescent lights and LED lights may have very little, or even zero uv in them, as well as other lights that are not specifically designed for growing plants, but are more designed to light houses and for the human eye. And even with fluorescent lights specifically claiming to be for growing plants, even if claiming to be “full spectrum”, may not include a UV spectra, unless otherwise specifically mentioned in the spectra it does include.

Again, if having that hard a time finding amber trichomes, watch the other signs that the plant has finished, no new pistols/“hairs” appearing and “bud swelling” has basically stopped to help determine the plant has finished.

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Hey there how is everyone?
My ladies just started to flower after 2 to 2 1/2 weeks @ 12/12
This is when I start counting…yup i’em one of though people…lol
I do the same with my clones that I take from flowering mothers because it does take time to show flower