I need HELP with Harvest

I need your help, this is my first time growing and everything has/had seem to be going well. I use your food, I do my best to follow your system. My first batch is with your Gold Leaf. They have growing well. I put them into Flower on December 28, 2014 and on March 1st they finished their 9th week of flowering. I started flushing them on February 23. I have been looking at the Pistitl and the Trichomes under a Jewelers Loop and I haven’t seen any amber Trichomes and there still is some white Pistils, but it has been 14 weeks of flowering and the plant seem to may be a little dryer than they should.

Can you please give me some advice, should I harvest them right away?

They are not done. Be patient. :sunglasses:

Why are some plants dry enough to smoke?

Latewood might have skimmed the question quickly and did not notice you apparently have been giving them nothing but pH water for over 5 weeks, and this is 5 weeks past the expected finishing time of about 9 weeks for gold leaf***.

I would have to say the parts of the plant that are dry are dead and finished, smoke it, tell us how it is. They might not live up to their full potential as they’ve been in the light for so long after they have stopped all biological function and some of the THC might be a little more degraded. But I’d imagine it should still be pretty good smoke.

Check out this link, if you haven’t already done so, for more tips on telling when your plant is finished, even if you can’t really see a lot of amber trichomes: Flowering time period

Oh, yeah…and for the rest of it, yes, cut it down right away.