Best time to harvest

Ok, so I recently harvested 2 gold leafs and got a few oz. Normally I would buy from my local dispensary. I’ve only had a few grows and pretty much everytime I’ve harvested it’s been at maybe 5% red in the trichomes.

Now I’m back to buying from the dispensary since I still have a couple months until harvest. But everything I smoke is giving me terrible couch lock I don’t wanna do anything. Is this what happens when you get used to smoking your own :joy::joy:. Any suggestions on strains, seeds or products that can help. I like to feel happy and energetic, I feel like a zombie from the stuff Im getting. It seems like they don’t harvest anything under 50% red.

Did you let your bud reach a full cure before smoking on it?

Not, all of it but I still have some left. What I have now and what I’ve been smoking for the last couple weeks was dried for 6 days and cured for over a month. I just smoked some and now I feel at least a little even. I smoked some Kobe Gelato I got for wake and bake and I could barley move.

Gold Leaf would be a nighttime smoke for me (and was).

Daytime strains I enjoy:

Sour Diesel
Purple Haze
Fruit Punch
GSC can be a little rough for some

This statement worries me: are you judging by pistils or trichomes? This is what trichomes should look like:

You need to use a loupe or 'scope.

How about a picture of the plant at harvest?


Yes, trichomes. Pistils we’re about 75-80% brown or reddish

That’s a pic of the bud and this is about 8 weeks in I let them go another week or so before harvest



It might just be where i bought the gelato from. I gave alot of gold leaf to friends and I’ve gotten alot of compliments. I’ve tried switching it up when I buy at the dispensary and I’ve just never felt that sluggish before.

Is this complaining about how strong it is? Complain is maybe too strong a word, you know what I mean? :wink: I wish I had that problem with dispensaries commercial ripoff…paying for stems!

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Just became legal last year and I was never able to grow before. Dispensaries are always boasting high thc percentages and unique strains so I thought I was getting a good deal, even though the prices are stupid. what I didn’t realize though is that the place by me only sells hybrids to rec users, all of the pure indica or sativa strains are only for med :expressionless:. Basically whatever the med patients don’t want is what you get, but at double price. When I compare the two I get really good medical benefits from what I grow and and really nothing but sleepy hybrids from the dispensary lol. It could be seen as complaining, but I’m more upset with myself for not growing sooner. I just always assumed they could grow much better with tens of thousands of dollars and big spaces than I could with a $150 grow kit in my bedroom.

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Same, fixed it bruh no worries I stopped going when I bought half gram vape carts that only lost .25 when it emptied out, so paying double and getting shorted. I’m weighing dimes and nickels and they’re telling me my scale is off. If I see something I like I might buy one a month now and I dont F with street vapes from that BS that had been going around and it was not something else because when I stopped using those my coughing disappeared. I’m doing my DIY for the oils, seems simple enough and I have more tools and access to materials than The Professor on Gilligan’s Island :smile: :thinking: I may need coconut shells and husks and a lazy afternoon with Maryann

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