Storms knock out power

It’s spring just got tent awaiting seeds & storms rolled in.
Being a newbie to indoor grow what do you do about schedule if a grow has been started & lights out for 8 hours?

Just ride it out, I am off grid so I know what is to be with no power for a few days in winter…
Just ride it out, its called weed for a reason :slight_smile:


Yeah there really isn’t much you can do, set them outside durring the day if feesable, maybe


Unless you’re running air pumps and things like that it shouldn’t matter if the lights go out… you just don’t want the lights coming on when it’s supposed to be your dark period during 12 /12 …when you are in veg it don’t matter when the lights come on and go off it’s not a big deal… but it does help the plants to have a schedule… :wink:

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Thanks for all your help

Thanks for insight