Powers out and plants will lose 4 hours of light today! What do I do?

My power went out unexpectedly and the plants are going to lose 4 hours of light assuming the power company can get their stuff together that quick.

Is there anything I can do? I can’t move them outside but should I put them on 4 extra hours of light tacked on to the end of the normal schedule to compensate? They are way to young to flower now and I don’t want them to hermie or something.

What is their current light schedule?

18/6. Power was restored early with only about 1.5 hrs missed.

Nothing to worry about. Long as they got more than 12 hours.


Thank you. Normally the power company takes forever to restore outages from downed lines. I got lucky this time.

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I wouldn’t worry, it is just like a cloudy day to the plant.

You’re good. I run 6on, 2off in veg. So 2hr nap every 6hrs. Yours just got an extra long nap.

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Really? May I ask why you run that light schedule? What kind of effect does it have?

The plants never get that worn out, droopy look like they do after 18 straight hours of light. It also helps regulate heat by cooling off for a couple hours every 6hrs.

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I just read one of your grow journals. You do some good work my friend. Thank you for the tip!

nope! Dont change a thing, stay on schedule! Piwer goes out in our neck of the woods 7 or 8 times a winter and a few times a summer when drunks take out a pole. I hook up a genset, but before I could afford one we just rolled with it. No issues.