Power interruption

Does anyone make adjustments if light is interrupted during flowering?

for instance: During 12/12 flowering in the 4th week. Light is on 6 hours. power goes out for 4 hours. then power comes on and lights are on for 2 hours.

Would anyone make any adjustments to lighting schedule when this happens?

I grow outside but there has been Times That à thunder Storm comes Thru And thé sky gets dark for à few Hours And things seem to get back to normal when Sun is out again.


Yep I feel the same way as @Mrcrabs . Just adjust the timers to catch up to the correct times but I wouldn’t be concerned.


Agree with @bob31. We had this discussion earlier in the year. Just go back to your normal light schedule. Should not be a problem. Start a journal and join us, there is a LOT of knowledge here !

Good luck on your grow. Jerry


I use digital timers just for that reason… power goes out , don’t matter… lights go back to same schedule when power comes back on… no harm no foul… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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I’m nearly at the end of my first grow 1 week to go when my power cut out I was dreading them trying to change sex . strain sensi skunk there hardy plants