Storing Girl Scout Cookie Seeds

How do you store your extra seeds until they are needed? I stored my spare seeds in the refrigerator, and now, the seeds will not grow past the first stage of wet sprout. Any advice is helpful and will save me on the next round of seeds.

In a cool, dry, dark place.


Original packaging. In a bigger bag. In a small crafts box, in a drawer. Been through high heat/humidity power outages. Grew out some recently stored for nearly a year.

Iā€™m thinking the fridge is too cold for storage (36 f).?

@Covertgrower ran some BHO a few years ago from seeded material. After the run he germinated the seeds that were run along with the flower and they sprouted just fine.

I think probably something else was at play here. I store in a Glad container in the 'fridge and have had zero problems. Some of those are 5 years old or more.

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Dry ice gets much colder than a fridge. It was a fun experiment, just to know that seeds were still viable after taking a very cold butane bath.

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