Keeping Seeds Over Longer Periods of Time

I’ve grown now a decent bit and have everything in order for the most part but one thing. Maybe not the second germination(say its 20 seeds), but the third germination(with the same set of seeds) my seeds have real issues sprouting.
With that said I was curious how veteran growers keep their seeds for longer periods of time? I just would leave them in the original bag in a dresser drawer where temperature can fluctuate dependent on summer or winter(between 64-82).

-Thanks for the Incite

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I like to keep my seeds in the refrigerator. I haven’t had any problems sprouting them later on.


I keep mine in the freezer. You have to keep one thing in mind if you keep them in the freezer though. A film of frost will form over the seed and if you are taking them out of the freezer regularly to show friends your seeds or whatever, that film of frost will melt and could soak into the seed. This is what you don’t want to happen when you are storing them long term. So put them in and leave them there. The fridge doesn’t present this same problem but I don’t think the fridge preserves them as long either…

Also, wherever you put them, make sure it’s dark too! :+1:t4:


Lol, that’s the same problem you get with ice cream.

I would think freezing them would allow them to last forever.


Thanks for the advice will do the refrigerator, dry and dark area first. The seeds normally only last about 6 months.

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I keep mine in a cigar box that’s in a wine cooler. Prior to that, same cigar box in refrigerator.


Away from moisture light and heat is all that matters seeds last they are natures way of letting a plant start anew after months of rain ice snow or dry spell


I’ve had seeds that I know we’re ten years old still sprout.