Still trying to decide which light

Hello everyone and thanks in advance
Just starting out and trying to decide on a light
Trying to keep budget around the 6 to 7 hundred mark.
Grow area in 4 x 5 with an expected canopy around 4 x 3
After reading this forum I’ve narrowed my search down to 2
(Well so far anyway )

HLT 600 rspec (refurbished) or
ChiLed x3 500

My issue is hieght.
The room is just over 6 feet and I can only get the light 5 foot 8 inches off the ground.
Leaning toward the HLG
Just looking for comments and suggestions
Again Thank you


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I grow two plants with a flower foot print of 36” x 60” and run two ChilLed x3 mini’s. They work great. I could have gotten one light but chose two incase I have plants of different heights.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

I’m a big fan of HLG, but the 600 R spec requires a good amount of clearance above the canopy. With your height issue, you’d definitely have to use it on lower power. They also have refurbished HLG Scorpions, which let you keep it much closer to the plants.


Hlg just came out with a cool new light we ve discussed on other threads it has a improved spectrum if I get a 2nd tent it’s what I’m getting( don’t forget the dude code)


Man that light is sick looking! :drooling_face::drooling_face: I’m trying to find more space to grow so I have a excuse to buy it​:joy:

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Ok you might have talked me up a grade or two that black bird looks sick don’t really know light spectrum a whole lot
Is this a good spectrum for both veg and bloom

Ok ya got me looking
If you had a choice HLG scorpion rspec or the new black bird

Sorry scorpion rspec reconditioned

Black bird new

Yup it has higher blue and red then the rspec making it better for both veg and flower