Still stumped over this girl

This girl has been yellow herwhole life. Thin curled leaves

The rest of the girls look great (to me, this is my first grow) any ideas why she is so sad? Same soil mixed in bulk and then filled pots. Miracle grow soil heavily ammended with coco coir to improve drainage and some worm casting and micorhyzomes added. All 4 are white widow cracked in water and transfered to soil after 2 days. Plants are now 30 days old and she has looked this way 23 of em. Her cotodylon leaves were normal at girst then started turning the yellow tinge when the first leaves started coming out.

My assumption is a genetic anomaly as these genetics SHOULD be stable after this long of time. i am a first time grower, and a bad gardener to boot so i am at a loss. Im not worried as i have basically given up on her. Just if its a problem i did, maybe i can not do it next time. I asked previously and tried some of the things suggested, but she is still sad.

Cannabis genetics are not perfectly stable. Thats how it survives. Its very common to see posts about plants being different even though from the same packet of seeds. Sometimes you just get one that has red hair in a family of blonds. I would let it grow and see what it turns out like. Who knows, it may stay pale but produce killer buds.

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Had one like that. All 3 are her.


Well i finally pulled her yesterday. Pver a foot shorter than the other three, with one being a week younger. Other three are producing buds, she was not. Just a slender short yellow plant. No clue, but to me juat wasnt worth the fretting. Id rather the other 3 get the attentio

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Just kidding around…You gotta do it sometimes

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