Still learning. Tips and tricks are welcone

98x48 tent with 3 600w Leds. How do you like my setup? 5 Amnesia Haze,1 Blueberry, 4 Northern lights autos. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Liking it alot except for the purple light. I wish I had space for a tent of that size!!! Also just did an auto in the cloth pots (mesh netting pot). I love them and suggest anyone, who I like me, with over watering issues, should use them as well.
Yeah jealous of the space you have. Good luck and happy growing

Thanks! Yea I am lucky where I am located ATM with space.

Why do you say you dont like the purple lights? Because they are LED?

Welcome to the forum! So you can’t really see the true colors of the plant with the purple light. If something is wrong it’s hard to see.

Oh ok gotcha! I’ll upload some new pics of plants. Theya are actually a few weeks older now and starting to flower! I was more trying to figure out what people thought abouy my setup with this post. Thanks!

What size pots are those, try and put some more soil in them, fill them up, and try not to water straight on plant