Stepping inside for the first time

Here I go with my first attempt controlling every little aspect of the grow.

I have 6 seeds from a bag that my brother in law swears is some good stuff. We’ll see!

I started them under a 300w equivalent CFL. Added the tube light when I noticed how much they were stretching. Used clear bottles, cut in half, as humidity domes. The problem with that was I couldn’t get the light close enough.

Until I can build a space for them they are just sitting in the open in our spare room. It still needs a full remodeling, so any spills that may take place is no big deal for now.

My water was run through my worm bed and sat for 2 days…

I adjusted the pH with this…

Which took me to…

I know the ppm is high for seedlings, but I have been told nutrients from worms won’t burn them. Putting that to the test, I guess.

2 of them had this for a run off…

Two others were…

And then the other two were…

I don’t get it since everything is the same for all of them. Perhaps there is a varied amount of food grade DE in each pot. I don’t know if that would be the culprit or not.

They leaned over after I pinched the stems to harden them. I think I’m going to leave them as is instead of supporting them. I have a box fan across the room for movement.

Once the LED panel gets here I will drop 2 Blueberry autos. I want these to get tall enough that the light can be used on all of them. Since the auto will be in a bigger pot, it may have to wait until the others are big enough to make room for the pot underneath.

Y’all already know I suck at journals. I will try to get better with that on this grow as well.

Thanks for stopping by…


I really hope everythings works out 4 you bro :metal:

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@Floridason looks great, good luck :innocent::ok_hand:

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Looks like your off and running

LMAO! I’m not sure about the running part!!

I know things will work out because there is such a great network of support here! Just still a little shaky about needing to control everything.

I’ve never been a control freak. Live and let live, ya know? My wife pushed me because she knows how much I smoke personally, not to mention how much I share with family and select friends.

It will be an interesting ride for sure…


You have a good head start being a outdoor guy you know your plants trust in your knowledge and I know you’ll be successful bro
Good luck and best wishes on your new indoor hobby :+1:


Could you please refresh my memory on what brand and sizes of your choice for led

This is the one I’ve decided to get. I don’t really don’t know much about LEDs other than the great information I’ve received here.

What little I was able to wrap my head around led me to this one based on my $200 budget. Not knowing how useful indoor will be for me, I didn’t want to sink alot of money in this only to find out it’s not worth the added expense.

This past year had many unavoidable setbacks for my growing. Normally, I am able to grow enough outside to last all year, including the sharing that I do.

For three years my harvests have suffered due to outside (meaning other people) influences. My wife can’t handle seeing disappointment on my face. That’s why she’s been pushing me to step inside. :wink:

Glad you stopped by…:slight_smile:


@Floridason you will not be deceived by your aquisition. Just remember that’s a powerful light and keep it at least 3 feets above the canopy. :wink::relaxed:


The light was ordered today and arrival date is between Jan.6th-9th!

Almost time for the Blueberry auto to get started…


You will love the indoor grow. Less things that you can not control. Is what I love you control everything!!!


Man! I’m like a little kid on Christmas day!

So as I said I would…

Two ILGM Blueberry autos are in for their 24hr soak! HELL YEAH!!!

It will just be an open room for now. Once I become mobile again, I’ll be working on a space for it. Either wood frame or PVC. Still thinking that over.

My brother in law is pretty impressed with the light. He says he wants two!! He’s used to seeing 1000w MH & HPS.


I’m real happy and excited for you, you’ve been waiting a long time, getting ready for this moment.

this is the stuff that keeps you young…exploring, learning, growing as your hobby grows!


Nice :+1: I here and watching
Enjoy the new toy bro
If you don’t have a set get some grow room eye protection
That light looks powerful never look directly at it while on lol


I learned that quickly! Eyes had to adjust when I came out of the room. Lol


Yeah my lights mess me up without glasses I picked up a set Amazon for 10/15$
Wear sunglasses at least make sure you block uv a & b


A pair that is UV 400 certified.:wink::innocent:


That is one sweet light. Along for the ride! Looking good!


Wow ! a very powerful light, you’ll gone a have big yielding with that one :wink:. Hope you’re getting better, I feel for you @FloridaSon … I’m sure you gone a be in your feet soon… I’ll pray for your speedy recovery…:innocent::relaxed:


Didn’t even see you had a journal going, looking forward to tagging along for this one! Best of luck to your indoor venture :+1::v: