Sour Bud. My first journal

I’m outside right now, so I’m not sure about the exact date, but I believe this is day 4 or 5 since the seed broke the surface.

As you can see, there is A LOT of stretching! I started them inside. Trying out the light a friend gave me. Well, by the end of the 2nd day I knew I had WAY too little light! (2 t4 4’ bulbs. 2400 on the spectrum, I believe.)

Day 3 they were placed in the shade, day 4 moved to a sunny spot. So this is day 5 then. This morning I realized they were getting shade at the wrong time so I’m trying a new spot.

My question…being so young, could I GENTLY, ever so tenderly repot them deeper? I know I can beef them up manually with some LST, so is it worth it?

By the way, I only have one Sour Bud. I keep saying they because there are 4 other unknown strains a day behind. The focus here will be the Sour Bud, but I’m sure the others will come up.

Thanks for the advice that I know is to come.


This is what I’m using with perlite mixed in. Shopping for a pH meter now. But I don’t know if I care for the color. I’m used to darker green.

This will be my first journal. I’ve never been good at taking notes and keeping records, so please bear with me.

Thanks again.


I would not remove the plants to place deeper. The reasons seedlings will seem to stall in growth, is they are using most resources to build the root system. If you uproot them, you will at best delay growth, or possibly kill them.


I might add another inch of topsoil but not too much more probably put sticks to hold them up they should catch up fast in the Sun


Hey there @FloridaSon,j

I see we or you have some new girls on the block …cool dude !
Rember no nutrition till 5th true sets of leaves.
Go to home depo and get a CFL fluorescent light 300watt 60 watts used at 2700 lumens. I think it right about there in lumnes.
Its only %20. Buvkes you’ll have to get the E-09 socket I believe and a existention cord and connect .
I use 3 of them heter gpr clones and seedings.



My problem isn’t a stall. It’s a stretch. Lights too weak to start. Should have went straight to the sun, but I was hoping since I know how late it is in the season.

Speaking of the roots, I’m a bit concerned about all the light pollution I see in my yard. I know that it will hurt my flowering stage unless I figure it out, but what about root development?

Will the roots still perform well without enough darkness? As above, so below. Does that apply here as well?

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Could I dress the top with soil from my worm bed, or would that add too much nitrogen ?

Thanks, Will, but I’m just gonna stay with the sun until I can get something properly set up for lights.

Natural man still I guess. :wink:

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I have had some of my seedlings also do this what I like to do is take some of the loose dirt on top or add some more and kind of make a nice little hill around the stalk or think of a volcano with the stem in the middle this will help hold them up until they get stronger then when you repot later you can bury up to the point of the top of the volcano just what I’d do


Oh boy I don’t know that ? … whenever I have any outdoor questions I ask @Majiktoker he will have your answer
-good luck!


I always forget who are the soil/outdoor growers. Just trying to get the most out of the veg time I have left. I won’t have to worry about it getting too big, so I’m not sure I want to slow growth down by stressing it.

Nice to have our own home, but this move really screwed me up this year for growing.

@ Floridason what’s going on with the storm that’s coming ? Now far as the plant they are fine , you can build a lil mound around the stalk to give support , but do not transplant it just yet let it do its thing . Remember this is the natural habitat for growing and the process will take care of itself , the only thing you do is feed it and keep the critters and predators from them , now are these little babies auto flowers or regular feminished seedlings ? In my opinion when I grew my very first plant I let it just grow on its own and I found that the early stretch makes for a really big super strong stalk later and the bigger the roots , the bigger the fruits , so you will have to transplant around week 6-8 and again at week 12 before flower , but just monitor them and let them go they will perform .


Hey @yoshi. Thank you for getting in on this.

I’m not sure if they are autos or fem. Feminized or not doesn’t concern me as much as the auto aspect. Even fems run a slight risk of producing a male, so I will always wait for signs of sex. Hell, I watch the entire life cycle just because of the morph possibility.

The auto question is really weighing on me though. After my experience with my Flav and Berry White early this year I am truly getting convinced that I am going to need to buy known seeds. I would like to clone, but I don’t know if they are also autos. The really bad thing about this is being so late in the season, they should start to flower around the same time. Auto or not.

Repotting won’t be an issue really. I’ve decided that once the roots begin to show, I’m gonna plant her in the ground. Was considering all the light pollution here last night and I believe I may have found a suitable site. Not really where I want them, but looks like the best place.

Yeah, the storm.
My bad. I’m in a location of Florida that seems fairly safe from them. Forests surround me which seem to weaken them fairly well. My little word vomit above has become common.

It may seem odd to people that are not accustomed to hurricanes, but I look forward to them coming anymore.

I’ve watched many of our lakes dry up. Hell, they are building in former marshes now and our swamps are diminishing. I’m sorry for the destruction they cause to people and property, but it’s part of the cycle that we need. Without the hurricanes, Florida will become a desert.

I’m on the western side of the Ocala National Forest. Safe enough that the need for the rain out weigh any concerns about what the storm might do. Not even named except for the one I gave it above. Lol

Glad you’re here


I agree with @yoshi. I would stake em and mound a little soil around them. The will catch up. When they get a little more established just give the stems a little pinch til it crackles just barely and the stems will get nice and thick.


@Stomper, Do you do this to the whole stalk? I’ve wondered about trying some crushing on the main stem of a young plant to see if it builds up like the knuckles of cropped branches. Last few I’ve started been autos tho, so afraid to mess with them

I don’t crush the small stem that hard just enough to crackle when it is about an 1/8" thick. I did it to this grow and at 25 days from when they were put in a paper towel, the stalks are close to 1/2" thick. Last grow they were only an 1/8" at this point same strain.


Now you know what to do with all that trash they left you. You can create a trash igloo to block the light :sunglasses:

Lol. That’s funny!

I usually harden my stalks the same way. That was what I meant when I stated I could beef them up later. My only concern with that this time around is how late in the season it is. I know doing that will slow growth for the repairs.

I don’t usually stake them. Any stalk that rests on the soil has always sent out new roots for me in the past. Staking it will make it think it’s strong enough to continue growing when it actually isn’t. The only time I used stakes in the past was to support heavy laden branches. Got tired of branches breaking off.

I forget that in these journals we are supposed to kind of be explaining the process to those that are just getting started. I should have explained what I was going to do to beef them up later.

If it looks like there will be enough growth before flowering, I am thinking of screening her once she’s in the ground.

On a side note…just tried some Lemon Haze today.

Papa likes!!!


Day 7

Well here we are. As for my count. Am I correct in the way I am doing it? End of seedling week 1?

To show spacing between next set of leaves.

And of course, the top view.

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I’d either stake them or tie them back


Mound up some soil around base of stem plus new roots will grow from buried parts of stem