Stems with pods in flowering stage

I am a new grower. I am near the end of the fourth week of the flowering stage.
There are long stems out of the top of the plants with what look like seed pods.
These are White Widow and Grand Daddy Purple feminized seeds.

Not seed pods. It is a male plant. The pods contain male pollen.

Bag it and get rid of it or it will pollinate your females.


Should I cut all of the long stems off?
They were feminized seeds from ILFM.

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You want to get rid of the whole plant.

ILGM should replace the seed. It’s supposed to be a female.


If it hasn’t already. Looks pretty far along.


How do I get male plants from feminized seeds? I don’t understand the whole process.

A very small percentage of feminized seed can be male. You got one of them.

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I may have three out of my four plants sprouting these pods.
I will try to remove them.

Remove immediately, looks like some of the pollen sacks are mature or opening :love_you_gesture:


First of all, Welcome aboard! :grin:

Wish it could have been under better terms, but what a great learning milestone to get out of the way for a new grower.

But look at it this way, you’ve probably already pollinated most of the existing female flowers, so you’ll get quite a few seeds to practice germinating and growing. Think of it as free seeds :+1:


Welcome to the community ! Oh boy ,
Remove from the tent .:v:


It certainly is! :laughing:
(Too soon?)


Not for us old dudes… :joy::joy::love_you_gesture:


I removed the plant, vacuumed the inside of the tent, and cleaned up as much as I could. I will see what happens.
Probably lost what remains, but Bubbala may be right and I will get some new seeds for another round.

I did not mean to impugn ILGM. I had 4 feminized seeds, one of which turned out to be male, not the three out of four I said in a previous response. They all took off.

Thank you all for your input, Midwest Guy, Old Guy, et al.
Never know what you get posting to forums.
Great responses here! Thank you.


Sorry to see it, but glad we could help you get it resolved even if the outcome wasn’t good.

Hopefully your females haven’t been pollinated. Time will tell.

It is what it is. I would contact ILGM support and see if you can get a replacement. ILGM has a history of being pretty good about making things right.

We don’t see it very often. We may see a couple of them each year. Not bad out of the hundreds of forum contributors here.