Starting out and need a little help along the way

I have the whole setup tent, light, carbon filter, carbon filter fan, small fan, timer, temp ph sensor, soil seeds ( ak47, white widow, strawberry cough, sour diesel, oh kush, super sour berry kush, Girl Scout cookies, green crack, gorilla glue and a small bag of 10 various strains) I’m going to go all natural on my first two crops and hopefully just hopefully it turns out good and if so I’d loved to have some of the advice of you guys on the next experimenting with nutrients. I’m going to use the bag of various to start out as I don’t know what they are and don’t want to waste my good girls experimenting. But I hope these girls turn out to be some good candy with nice after affects.

Ok I have a question should I mount my carbon filter fan outside the tent or inside with the exhaust going out the tent as normal it should I mount the carbon filter fan outside the tent as normal with exhaust coming from carbon filter to outside tent to carbon filter fan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It’s a choice I’ve done it that way but my temps was hard to manage with the high output of Led waters I have in the same size tent, so I’ve done mines a bit different but I have two inline fans, a 190 Cfm on bottom coming in with variable speed controller and a 435 Cfm inline on top pulling air out to control baromic pressure inside the tent.

It’s what I’ve done cause I tried putting scrubber in tent and it was harder controlling temps pulling air thru scrubber than blowing exhausted air out thru scrubber. But I have 3 Led panels in my tent which two Advance XTE 200’s are pretty intense had my temps at 92 degrees with scrubber inside tent, but the way I have it now temps are much easier to control I think for me.


@Onlythebest79 I want to welcome you to the number one Group of people you will ever meet you will have all the help you need at any time but I do want to let you know And just so you know most everyone of us use nutrients that are organic you can get Foxfarm soil some smart pots and grow from start to finish just using water but ask anyone on here we all try to keep our grows as natural as possible even though kind of contradicting trying to keep it natural when using indoor lights to grow but welcome to the forum if there’s anything I can do for you just tag me like I tagged you @ and then the name of the person you want to get a hold of their are great mentors on here and there are just great people on here that will all be more than happy to help you as much as we can to good growing good luck my friend


@Onlythebest79 welcome to the ILGM Forums! Sounds like quite an ambitious crop! Good Luck!! Read up in the forums and learn from our past mistakes!

Start off with the pH right and your grow will be tops!


Welcome to the pond jump in water is fine bro haha
You can mount filter either in or outside tent if you mount it outside to save room inside just use a prefilter to prevent filter from clogging prematurely
Your tent looks a little small or that light is huge lol so you might want to save room and mount outside
What size tent ?
You look good with placement now
They are designed to be pulled through not blown into to be honest

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For when the answers just can’t come quick enough! Lol

Welcome to the forum! Plenty of help for you to succeed!! I’m an outdoor guy just starting indoor this year, but if I can help, it will be my pleasure.

Good times ahead…


Guys thanks for the warm welcome and I have been reading for a few days now and I know I’ve made the right decision to be apart of you guys. I plan to lean on you guys alot and I hope you welcome me as I probably will hit a nerve or two but bare with me I apologize in advance.

Let me start out by posting the equipment I have that way you fully understand what I have and will be able to do and what I will need to go get.

@yoshi I like your setup up I think I will try that from the start and roll with it.

@hogmaster yea I never thought of it that way but that is contradicting so I will dabble a little when the time is right but I bought my food from ILGM and it’s in the pics up above. I will be reaching out soon as I plan to germinate within the next couple of weeks. I’m doing a lot of reading now from this sight as when I start I want to start full steam ahead.

@bob31 yes I bought a variety so I have a choice and to change it up. I plan to read more and a lot at that. Thanks for the well wishes on my tomato plants

@countryboyjvd1971 thanks for the welcome and so far the water is pretty cool. Yea I’m gone mount the fan outside the tent to save space and I have prefilter installed already. My tent is 2x2x6 I’m gone do two tomato plants at a time as I figure those to if done right will feed me for a while. Ok on the placement and are you referring to the fan blowing into the tent?

Today I done a lot more reading and I’m feeling pretty good about this venture.


No sir I was referring to it pulling air out of tent intake side of fan not tent
If I’m under standing your question @Onlythebest79
If your going to set it up like @yoshi just use a prefilter on the exhaust duct inside tent you can take pre filter off carbon filter and slip it over 4 inch duct end in your tent for exhaust and wire tie it so it won’t fall off or tape
Does that help bro
Looks like your going to do fine bro

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No I see where I messed up sorry but typo with the carbon filter outside the tent

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I was looking at another post but what is the net used for?

It looks like you’ve picked out some great stuff from Robert if it’s anything like his beans you won’t be disappointed can’t wait to see your progress you’re free to hit me up if you need anything great job

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This how I control my lil tent from high temps and humidity with speed controls on each inline fan and it works good for me this way plus I have more room to raise my lights :bulb: if I’m growing a super stretching white widow.


I want a separate drying curing tent I’m going to going to go with a 2x4x5 tent and hanging drying rack. Should I go with a carbon air filter, fan and exhaust tubing to help keep the air dry and less humid or should I go with a dehumidifier?

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I think the filter and fan are a requirement unless you want the entire house smelling like cannabis. Actually not that bad unless you have nosey neighbors. Usually you can do well with a filter and fan if the room the tent is in is not too humid.

@TxGrowman no my neighbors are cool we all stay to ourselves but the damn HOA is a b@@@h. My room is upstairs and in the back of the house but I don’t want the house smelling like the tomato garden.

@TxGrowman I’ve been reading and seeing pics of the filters in the tent and some on the outside. What are the advantages besides space?

Space is a big reason, it leaves more room to move the light up, allowing greater height of the plants.

The filters are really designed to intake the contaminated air through the pre-filter then the filter into the fan and then out. If you run the air through the fan without being filtered, the fan can smell like cannabis and possibly get contaminates on the fan, causing early failure. My pre-filter is usually dirty after a grow and I wash it and put it back on. The filter life will be shortened if you run contaminated air through the inside of the filter and then outside.

I am running into my filter. I used my pre filter to cover my intake!


Ok I have a 2x2x6 tent with a luxstar 2:4 grow light. I just bought another tent 2x4x5 tent will this light be enough for 8 plants or should I go with a Luxstar 4:6 or 4:8 light. I will use the 2x2x6 tent as my drying tent.

I started on April 29 soaking various seeds don’t know names as I got them from good I was vining with. On the 30th I put all seven seeds that sunk into fox farms potting soil and of the seven three sprouted a week later may 5th. As of today may 11th here are the three that I’m loving on and they seem to be doing fine. Lights on 24/7 for another week or two and right now the lights are 18 to 20 inches above my girls. Inside temp is 76.5f and 45% humidity