Starting 2nd Grow

I shall be starting my 2nd grow in the back garage instead of the basement (smell was to much for the Mrs.). I have a 4 X 4 X 6’ tent with plenty of light and ventilation. I was planning on reusing my Bush Doctor Coco-Loco. After I remove as much of the root material will it be ok to reuse. I feel like I should flush it thoroughly even though I did a flush prior to harvest.

I have White Widow Auto Flower and I plan on doing 5 plants in 5 gal buckets and 2 in the 3 gal Ocotopot.

I will start a grow journal this time and plan on sharing my grow with everyone here. I’m looking forward to the journey.

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Good luck with your new grow area as far as reusing soil I know some people do but I usually just dump mine out in the vegetable garden and plow it in. With the new soil I know where I’m starting and where I’m at. You’re probably looking at 45 bucks for new.


You got it bro. Clean the soil of any old roots flush it a few times you’ll be good

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Following. Thinking of going wwaf for commercial grow.

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Ok, so finally have time to share what I’ve done so far

10/1 dropped WWA in 75 degree water PPM between 190-230. PH 5.6-6.0

10/4 seeds sprouted root
10/6. Flushed the Bush Doctor Coco-Loco down to 360 PPM with a runoff of 6.6 PH

10/8 Seeds showed some green this morning


10/10 here’s how we grow.

I’ve been following @blackthumbbetty since she started her latest grow and I’m very impressed with her knowledge.

I plan on following @Myfriendis410 as his Scrog looks beautiful.

This is my second indoor grow and first time keeping a journal.

Everyone here is so helpful. Love it


Looks like you are on your way! I assume you have a dome for your girls. I’d let em dry out a bit too before any more liquid.

I’ll tag you into my journal if you are interested.

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Thanks for the advice. Took the dome off to get good pics.

Anyone is welcome to advise

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Good luck with the new grow. I sure wished I had a basement. It would help keep the grow room at a cooler temp.

Thank you for the tag! Don’t get too impressed with me: it’s been a team effort, every grow. :grinning:

You’re off to a good start. Definitely keep that humidity upupup.

I’m watching this. No pressure or anything.


Day 12. I’ve not done anything but check on them twice a day. Coco still moist.

Suggestions or thoughts.

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Ok. 10 days in Coca. WWA. They look a little spindly. I’ve not added any nutes yet. Suggestions? image image

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28 days old, should they be stretching like this. Just fed them for the 2nd time. Plan on transplanting on November 1. Cocoa. image

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Here is a better picture. What do you think @blackthumbbetty, @MrPeat

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@Buddly They are looking healthy and happy so far. Keep up what you are doing. The girls will tell you if something is wrong.

It might be time to increase your light. They look very healthy, but they’re a bit small for a 28 day old auto. They’re also reaching for the light. Do you plan on adding to your lights? What lights are you currently using?

For Coco, you want to feed quite often. A lot of growers do feed, feed, water, each week. Or some even feed daily. I don’t grow in Coco, yet, so I am not certain, myself.

I just noticed this…the last photo you posted on the very far left has some issue going on. You can see the tips are I’m guessing a little yellow and crisp.

@blackthumbbetty, this is my started light, just a garden variety fluorescent. I will be moving them to their 4 X 4 X 72” tent. I have 1000 watt light with. image the ballast control can be set at 50, 75 and 100%. These are WWA’s. I didn’t control my heat and humidity correct. That’s probably why they are small.

@MrPeat, I see the issue you pointed out and I’m keeping a close eye. I only used 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for the nutes.

I’ll be using this bulb first then switching to the flowering bulb at the flip

You may want to wait on Nutrients at such a young age. She seems awe-fully small for nutrients and you may want to flush her with regular water and see if she bounces back faster. But who knows…I’m probably wrong.

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They’re growing autos in coco. They waited too long to start, in my opinion.

That’s why they’re small. Plus the seedling light being used for a month.

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