2 Weeks in the books

My first WW Auto Fem. It started in rock wool. Now in a beer cup in coco outside. I think I will bury the cup in the 5 gallons of coco very soon. I want the cup in the big pot so this does not fall over. Once the roots are strong I can remove the cup.


The only worry I’d have is the taproot getting out of the cup and into your media before you transplant. I would say to just put her in her final home now and maintain good watering discipline.

When you get into coco you may want to start out low with whatever nutrient line you are planning on using. PH should be around 5.8.

I am following a nutrient schedule I found and seems to work. I agree. Get this into the final pot. I am worried this will get blown over and then end of game.

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Ok, the girl is in her final home. Her little sister is not far behind, about 4 days. The little sister is the last pic.

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Maybe you can not tell but that flower pot is a 5 gallon. I drilled dozens of drain holes in it. Its filled with 2 parts coco to one part perilite.

I only wanted one plant for my first try but both seeds are alive so it looks like I will have 2. Hopefully both make it and harvest will be almost a week apart.

I need to get another pot and more coco for the little sister.

Can someone tell me on a scale of 1-10 how stinky will a white widow be when in flower? Seems I will have twice that now.

Oh, and these are WW auto fem from seedsman.

All cannabis is stinky, really stinky, but the white Widow is a bit less stinky. You’ll still smell it though. On a scale of 1-10, it’s an 8.

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