Started my first outdoor grow

I started my first outdoor grow, I’m in the costal zone 8a (humid, northern subtropical) so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge because of the humidity. I know a few guys around here that grow and are successful so I know it’s not impossible.

Once I make it to flower (assuming I’ll make it that far) I plan on getting a few solar fans to help prevent bud rot.

I’ve transplanted a few into 15 gal fabric pots and have a few more to transplant this week.

I also got a solar powered drip irrigation system to try out, we’ll see how it goes. I’m setting it up this week.

Right now the plants are hardening off, day 3. I pre-treated them with crop defender 3 and hope to move them to their final resting place within a week.

Anything special I should watch for?


Damn, you’re all in on this one bro! :muscle:

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Yeah, over my head but YOLO…….

Girls have been hardened off and now heading to full day’s sun

They’re eating heavily & pre-treated with crop defender 3.

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Been super hot & humid here for the past couple week but the plants seem to be doing ok. At least we usually have a breeze since we’re close to the coast.

We have 3 days of rain forecasted with torrential rains and wind. I put the plants up on my back porch to protect them and under the fan. Also treated them with Growers alley Fungicide in preparation.

Update - a few days of rain with a few breaks of sunshine. Ran the girls out into the sun for a few hours before the next round of storms.

I’ve been putting them on my back porch under a ceiling fan to ensure they have airflow. Next week it’s calling for mid-90’s again. This outdoor grow in my location is proving to be challenging.