First time grower - Going to grow outside Starting thread_2023

Lets set the stage:
Hello everyone, and hope your grows are going good. I’m starting out & having some trouble. I’ve been reading tons of forum stuff on ILGM, and there is so much information its overbearing.
Looking for some like minded growers to work with me through my grow. (Mentor??? Would be amazing, but community is always best).
First time grower
Outside Grow
Date of sprout May 12th

Growing in southeast US, Hot Humid climate. It can get up to 95-105F, with 60-100% humidity.
Out in the Country surrounded by woods, but I have a good place out back that has lots of sunlight with breeze coming across the lake.

Under counter atm with shitty garden grow light linked below. Inside now as seedlings
Temp usually 70-75f Humidity 75-90% (Without greenhouse method)

Peet moss pellet for germination
Transplanted to FFoF small pot for now
Will eventually be in 5gal fabric pot

2 Skywalker OG, 1 Strawberry Cough, 1 Runtz

4 Pallets for bases (eventually I’m thinking trellis)
I have 3 & 5gal AC fabric pots
8 temp & humidity sensors
I have PH tester
I have soil tester
I have 1 water pump
1gal Sprayer
1RV water filter (For Water hose)
Fox Farm nuttz
ILGM nuttz
Mixing 1L cup
PH up & PH down
4 big bags of FFoF
No humidifier or dehumidifier
No ventilation as of yet due to wanting to grow outdoors

Tap here has local mineral water with high phosphorous with ph between 6.1 & 7.2
This Water comes only from local county water supply out in the sticks.
They do use Chlorine to filter so I will need to find out how to get this out of the water for feedings.

1st question: Should I use out the tap, or is there a easy way to filer out the chlorine?

At best I have a RV water filter for sediment, chlorine, and other minerals such as lead etc.<<<

<<<I got several different nutrient’s, but I have been told the first month just use FFoF so I will hold off on these questions>>>

I germinated inside in water then went to peet moss pellets in dome (I know shame on me. Next time rotor rooter)
Now I have them in small planter similar to a solo cup with circle drain offs at the bottom of the pot
Girls are each 2 to 3 inch tall.
Not all of them have fully got all 4 leaves on them. (kind of lanky seedlings).
I lost one to lack of light, as I have a really crappy light inside that I don’t know if I should even use.
This light was for my garden plants (link below to crappy light)

2nd Question: Should I put them outside due to the shitty light I have or buy a 300-450 Watt light for seedling / first of veg stage?
3rd question: If I put them out in the sun should I introduce them slowly, or just place them in the shade?
4th question: If I put them outside should I transplant into 5gal fabric pots now, then introduce in the shade?

Light on Amazon:

I know there are tons of factors I’m missing, but I’m sure we can discuss best steps moving forward.
Ask what criteria you need, and I will get you the information to assist. I will post pictures tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading, and assisting when we chat!!


Welcome! You don’t need a fancy light to start seedlings. If the plants are leggy, can you move the light closer? I use a cheap led gooseneck grow light from Amazon (good for 1-2 plants) to start seedlings without any issue. I’ve also used a GE led growlight bulb in a clamp on light. I just keep the lights close.

Personally, if the weather is nice I put them outside directly in the sun for a few hours each day in solo cups without issue. Once ready for transplant, I go directly into the larger pot outside in their permanent home. Since the plants are already used to the sun from periodic visits outdoor I’ve never had a problem.

You’re probably ok with tap. I did put one of those RV filters this season but who knows if it will really make a difference. Since I’m trying to stay organic this season I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and lessen the impact on soil microbes.


You can kinda see the gooseneck in one.


air Bubble for a day or let stand a few days (no chemicals added).

HLG 350R or any HLG for full grow cycle.

Good question. I differ to others.
Conan the Destroyer is my mentor.

I did bag last years outdoor grow.
10 gallon bags worked well.
Available yard space 30 sq feet (Visibility protection).
Direct sunlight for less that 2 hours a day (need tree removed).
They grew well, surprising me.
This year Disney in June. Survivor’s will get new locations in july.


I run outdoor autos and keep them outside in their same 5gal fabric pots from seed to harvest. I have heard of people letting tap water sit in a 5gal bucket for a day or two to let the chlorine evaporate, but I havent done that before, I just use PH down to get the ph of the tap water to 6.5.


Welcome to the exciting world of growing outside, I live in the South and have to deal with heat , humidity , mold, bug’s and more bug’s, It can be challenging to grow in this environment but in a way plant’s love the heat and we have a long grow season that will finish up most any plant’s i know of , I don’t consider myself a expert grower but I learn a little bit every year. I can’t tell you exactly what to do about chlorine in the water, I would say try to catch rainwater, hopefully some of the Gromies on here will know, feel free to check out NIPS Outdoor plot to see some I’m growing this year, I’ll be more than glad to answer any questions you may have and if I can’t answer there are many people who can help


First off thank you all for the great information. So I have kept them outside for around 5hours in direct sunlight, and I’m gonna move them into the shade for the rest of the day.
My wife told me just to buy a tent, so I didn’t go all out.

Entire tent setup from amazon here.

It won’t be arriving till May 30th, so until then I will be rotating them from sun to shade until tent gets here.

Any tips on how to treat these girls until tent gets here.

1st question : Should I just go back and forth from direct sunlight to shade? I’m not using any greenhouse affect stuff, so they are exposed to wind, & sun.

Strawberry Cough is having a hard time developing leaf’s any ideas?

Any help on this would be great!

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They look a little leggy so the sun should help. If it’s windy they might need a little support or they could get knocked over. When you transplant you can bury the stem a little if needed.

The strawberry cough looks like it might have the shell of the seed caught? If so, try moistening a little with a spray bottle. The might help it soften up and fall off.

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OMG thank you for recommendation… gonna try it was getting worried!!

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So good news, Runtz popped its shell already.

Thanks dang Strawberry Cough though is still giving me some worry. They have been in the sun 4 hours, and 10 in the shade without coming inside today.

Should I leave them outside since it will be ideal temp/hum? Or put them back under my crappy light for 2 hours?


If weather is nice and plants look happy you could leave them out.

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Girls are doing good outside all day, but I don’t think we are going to be getting 18 hours of sun everyday.

Still having issue with Strawberry Cough. Any idea’s to get this lanky thing to pop open?

  1. Will this be ok for seedling phase?

If so is their anything I have to watch besides to regular things. deer, bugs, mold etc.

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@Naturalmedsman - Hey wanted to ask if I should Transplant these in bigger pots due to lanky stems?

Or should I just wait a week or so? Seems like the growing has stopped.

Anyone got idea’s on how to get these to get strong, and not grow high?

Also the Strawberry Cough is still having issue popping the shell? Any ideas for my 4 little girls?

So from the pic’s above you can see that the plants are starting to lean to one side. This is why I ask the question of transplanting.

Anyone have idea’s let me know. Thanks in advance fam!

They’re pretty delicate at that size and transplanting could be risky. You could try to mound a little extra dirt around the stem.

Give them as much light as possible. If they haven’t grown in a day or two they could just be putting their energy toward producing roots.

Sounds good. I’ll try and get back to you.

BTW do you got a grow going on? If so post me some of them pic’s!!!

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Ive got 4 in the tent about to go outside myself ive been reading to gradually get them little.more sun each day but where im putting them.i wont have that kind of choice once strong enuff outta tent im just gonna place 7 gal bags and put em out hopefully this heat n humidity dont kill us all!


Probably starting seeds this weekend. I’ll tag you when I start my grow!

Good stuff. When my tent gets here i will have 50 more questions. Gonna grow outdoors and inside.

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