Start using DLI

its yoshi who explained it to me on here and it sounds geniune

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27 is a good temp yes and yes raise them a bit possibly. They are adjusting so sometimes it takes a while to slowly turn them up each plants different.

Look at the VPD chart for early flower and 26c not sure off the top of my. Head what your humidity shiuld be but that humidity seems good enough.

@Nicky @dbrn32 @Hellraiser and anyone else wanting to chime in. I don’t need lights, was looking at 2021 LED light comparisons and browsing brands they named. THIS, was NOT one of them, just happened upon it looking at the others. The “Engrish” disturbs me in the description/specs but what do you think about this fixture in :
2.PPFD and spectrum pics on left
3.price for the coverage and components used
4. would you recommend it?
5. any idea if in their description they’re saying ALL but the “far red” LEDs are 301-b’s but those are Epistar?

EDIT* THIS time i decided to include the link (hehe) :smiley:

Impossible to know without a par meter, like you said anyone can put up stats but are they believable?
I’m sure it will grow, how efficient it is is another question and how fast it’s quality will degrade us another
Better than any burple but I really don’t trust anyone other than the 3 I spoke of above.


I’m with you on that, and like dealing with “known variables” especially in reputations for quality products. I also know though, that no “start up” will ever GET rated “as good” or be given the limelight in suggestion, if no one takes the time to TRY it :wink: :slight_smile: I don’t have the almost 400 to drop on it or i WOULD, lol. I am already playing guinnea pig to see how well these two blurpleish BestVA 1500 series dual chips will do. they did nice vegging and are now flowering the same two gals. i already bought’em and missed return window by ONE DAY, no joke. PurpNGold and i laughed at the irony in that (timing of thinking “i should send these back” and being a day late and dollar short :smiley: ). I also bought the 200W barrina full spectrum LED and it has TWO plants under it alone, and is doing a nice job but i’ll probably add an HLG 100 to it for that closet to make it golden :wink:

If par meters or even better yet appogge meter you could probably get a ton of free lights once your page got populat testing popular ones.
People like 3rd party reviews helps sell products.

Unfortunately you ussualy have to put up a big chunk of money or have a bunch of friends with lights to get content first.


I wouldn’t buy it. Like Nicky said, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get it and run some nice crops with it.

I’m not a bargain hunter either. Not because I’m loaded or anything, just learned the hard way on a few items earlier in life. If I have to spend a little more to have confidence in performance, longevity, or service, I most certainly will. It’s my opinion the best combination of that is coming from the US based companies that all of the other companies are copying. I could be wrong too, but that’s where I’m at with things. Not to mention the handful of companies that said they were using same leds but were busted using lower performance models or even different brands of leds altogether.

If you simply cannot afford to save up for a from horticulture lighting group, chilled tech, fluence etc, I get that too. Just look around at the forum for a member growing with light you are looking at. If they have a couple of documented grows and results look to be in line with your expectations, then you are probably safe. But I wouldn’t jump on anything new claiming to be just as good but half the price.


Sorry, I never recommend lights made in China.


Results are in, I was impressed with the Photone app, pretty close to the Apogee when a diffuser is used, totally wack without a diffuser.

Starting with the Apogee SQ-626 in the flowering tent

Get a reading of 1297

Will place phone at same location with diffuser

With diffuser removed

Pretty close, had similar results in the veg tent. Apogee showed 321 at plant tops

Photone with diffuser

Without diffuser


Which phone did you have? I know you said above, it’s early and my flipper ain’t working well

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@Hellraiser Awsome!
And you used normal printer paper just placed on the front light sensor?

Well that’s impressive and @BobbyDigital called it lol.
Hopefully my s8 Samsung is as accurate as your iPhone


This has been in the back of my head since I bought my 1st HLG. The driver says made in china, the chips I believe are made in S. Korea yet it comes in a box saying made in America. Shouldn’t it say assembled in America? I will still buy more of thier lights as they do make a difference in the grows I’ve used them on. No biggie just weird to me. And thanks for the comparison of the apps I doubt I’ll have an Apogee within my reach to compare it to


:+1: These results are comparable to the testing I’ve seen on YouTube.


@whatbuddyboy ,
Why you not running the Led evenly with the D.E. HPS , you might run into intense over lapping your light intervals , I’ve had that same issue before and had to rethink that, if you think about it , you want your HPS as your main and LED as supplemental just because of the Ultraviolet in the HPS is by far the highest unless those LED panels have UV diodes .
In my opinion now , and from my personal experiences , you might want to spread them just a bit more and if you have the gadgets to measure , please do so but you will have aggressive growth in your over lapping verses the full canopy . Plus another experience, you might want to spread out the plants a bit more also , at least a body gap so you can assess the plants from all sides and angles, this will help them breath much better . I don’t think you using gas , but gap them out a bit more and reset your over lapping so you can maximize the uv in the HPS and use the LED for trichome and resin building and supplemental lights evenly with the HPS to cover they over lapping . It’s just a bit crowded and you can have a serious mold issue later on due to the high heat and how much water vapor will the plants release late in flower on top each other that much can be a sure nightmare to come . Arm space your lights and you have the right concept surely , but you can triple it if you find more space .

In something to this regards as spacing like this , cause the run before this one I had them cramp up bunch up all on top each other and I lost more than it was worth smoking . I think you would do much better and not have that issue unless you are experienced with it and you have done it before . I had to space mines out with the Cutilux Fixtures I run with the Evolution Eva Series!


Yes, normal printer paper sitting on top of the front camera of the iphone 8.


Yeah some things can’t help but get from China, like the drivers, no other real choice. Just like I’d love to have an american made cell phone but the choice is not there. But I try to limit the money I’m sending to China to the least amount necessary.


thankyou @yoshi and i will space out and send a pic. much appreciated kidda

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my lights have some red in them im sure ill send info

  • Produces intense, full-spectrum light that your plants will love
  • V2 - Slimmer, more compact, IP65 rated, external dimmer
  • Total fixture efficiency of 2.7 μmols per watt
  • Gives you a “red heavy” spectrum, allowing your crop to pile on huge weight during the flowering stage
  • Dimmable from 100% down to 25% without the included controller
  • Hits your plants with light from many directions and angles to maximise yields
  • Exceptional value for money - amazing bang for buck
  • Easy to assemble - Supplied dismantled so that it can fit through tight spaces (up loft hatches, etc.)
  • The Maxibright LED Daylight Pro Grow Light is built with super-efficient Lumiled and Osram LEDs - Energy saving and great for the environment
  • “Spider” design using 6 bars gives the best (most uniform) light spread possible
  • Silent passive heatsink cooling - no noisy fans
  • Optimised to produce the goods in a 1.2m x 1.2m or 1.5m x 1.5m grow tent
  • Very low profile - great for those with little headroom
  • Total PPF of 1782 µmols per second
  • Has a whopping 50,000 hour life-span (equivalent to 11.42 years on a 12/12 cycle)
  • 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

im not sure what you mean @yoshi when you say " i might over lap light intervals" if you mean do they come on together well yes all on same timer. ive added some lights hps and spread them out a little. so they were like this

and now they are like this

hard to get them all in the pic but you can see what i mean. what do you think ?
oh bye the way the temp is up too 27.8 which is pretty hot. also they have been on 12/12 for 2 weeks today so ill trim off all bottoms next friday yes ?


Yeah Lolipop and get rid of the sucker branches that are thinner than a mechanical pencil basically or whatever doesn’t go halfway up the plant.

Lights look good, what % are they at?

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