Stalk split without being topped?

I have two train wreck photos the same age/size.
One is continuing to grow with normal nodes while this one split. Is this normal, or could it be related to the heat/light burn it recieved last week?


Not common, but not problematic. Healthy looking girl :metal:


I’m going to say that’s a bonus. I couldn’t tell you what caused it.


Another great girl…

This is my first grow in like 20 years. Quit smoking for 15 but my state just went legal. 20 years ago i was growing with string light cfls and the homedepot hps/mh so basically everything is new to me, and im trying to dive right in

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Genetics, urs was natural. Maui Wowie also has some weird branches. I would top it again in a week.

Hopefully you have a quality led light to grow her under.

I have 3x SF 1000’s

40 years for me is my abstinence or incarceration number, not sure which sometimes.
Welcome back Life is different, now. Forum support will assist grow exponentially, if participants read and share.

ILGM Maui Waui, my first since 1977, will be hanging soon.
Second MW is sharing residence with ILGM Gold Leaf.
Both female, flowering, under VS-V600 (300 watts).


That should do it.