Ss2442 2nd journal

Just put a few seeds into paper towels and ziplocs.
Will be using a new grow medium this time around. The tent and the room have been bleached down and used a product from my local hydro shop called environise.

I’m using the same lights and same equipment as the first go as working with a fixed income allows for minor luxuries.

Rouge one
Pink kush
Critical Mass
And a “designer hybrid” called Purple profit of chaos

They went into the towels that were sprayed down with a mist of water and hydrogen peroxide. They will move to a high end peatmoss rich puck style environment and then into solo cups.

As always open to all criticism and advice my tent will be to keep a mother plant alive and thriving and then put the remaining ones outside likely in late to early May.


What is a designer hybrid?

Something thats been crossed with this and that apparently I’ve never heard of Purple or Prophet of Chaos.
From a friend that spent some time splicing and combining strains is the explanation I got.

First move is complete from the paper towels to the grow medium. The agent orange seeds had some issues popping So they are back in a dark warm place with a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and water

So it appears this attempt went horrible I have yet to get anything from the paper towels to come out of the home made peat pucks…
I’ve started more seeds in the damp towels. @Cannabian @LoCoRock decided to try again this time ill put some well established new plants outside in May.
I can’t seem to find much here on starting seeds.

These tap roots are a tad too long for transplant…

May I suggest just putting seed into wine glasses overnight and then planting direct to medium? I got 100 percent germination rate doing this. I always do this and have very good germination rates. I dont understand this strange movement to wanna see the seed throw its tail out? The risk to the tap root is super high… also pathogens like mold or any chems in the paper towel. If the medium is kept moist it will do the same thing just without you seeing it but the plant will be undisturbed and without transplant shock. The whole paper towel thing is for cheapskates that cant afford a 2 inch nursery pot full of promix. So what you only get 9 out of 10? Thats life…

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So what should I have have done with them

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Thank you ill take that step with the next bunch i try to start

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Plant earlier…

I have a fair amount of research to be doing. I’m familiar with my methods from watching folks do it on the cheaper end of things. Being in Canada where we can grow our 4 with no problem, I’m still struggling with openly searching online for proper methods that aren’t over the top expensive pitches for products that are for people with much larger things in mind than 4 plants.
If I were to get proficient at it, I would look into my script and see what or takes to grow it and some others. With the right tools and cash I could convert a indoor pool to fresh water and go aquaponic and solar I think pretty easily. So I have a lofty goal but my last attempt ended very poorly with WPM & mites 4 times. Now this one I have a very nice peat moss and now some of that Styrofoam looking prolite.
Do you have any links to anything that’s coles notes of starting from seed for dumbasses I think that’s more my lane and speed it seems.

How soon after you see their seed split do you put them into your GM?
My GM is peat and prolite.

I have 0 experience with this white styrofoam stuff I’ve been told to mix it with my peatmoss… is this something you would recommend for something thats seed has just split and is this the red solo cup stage or is that as backwoods and cheap as the paper towels… I use what I got and what I know, but would like to know how to improve my methods and steps in this as there is a medical need now not a recreational use.

I as soon as the root is barely 1cm long i plant them in plagron earth for seedlings…

Do you use distilled water and root stimulus products or does that medium come equipped with everything you need minus the water source.

Currently googling plagron

Interesting stuff, 14 days worth of starter needs is a big help I imagine… I’m in a unique situation where I can’t leave my home for non essentials shipping costs kill me as I’m rural. Is this usually in a hydroponic shop I’m over an hr away from one of those.

Distilled water no but ph’d yes
Root stimulant yes at 1/3 the recommended dose, only water with spray bottle, they need very little water at that stage.

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I’m 2 days into the peat and perlite mix and the tent has a distinct mildew smell, I don’t see any mold but I sure do smell a musty smell as soon as I open the door.
I have one fan on in there and will fire up the filtration system to see if that improves the smell.

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That will probably to the trick…

It did help…
Now being brand new to this grow medium. What do I expect does it change colors from this Styrofoam white?

I have one that looks to be going yellow.
During this 14 day phase do I need to test soil acidity etc or just keep an eye for leafs popping.
Is there any value in starting the light cycle now does this white medium use the LED lights more effectively than a darker medium?