Spots on Leaves of GG Autoflower on Day 39

I am on day 39 of an Autoflower GG in a 0.5 gallon pot.
It seems to be a calcium issue? but all the other leaves are fine.
This is my first grow EVER. So not sure how to fix.

Need more light, and it looks like phosphorus deficiency. Can you tell us more about what you’ve been feeding?


I bought it from which is a partner of ILGM. They don’t tell you to feed it with anything in the instructions. And in all of my dealings with their customer support. They said it may be overwatering?

Pot for pot. Yes, just add water. You’re doing great then.

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It could be from lack of light. Doesn’t really present itself as overwatering.
No sarcasm here. Just trying to help.

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But i have it under a full spectrum light? Is the plant ruined?

No not ruined, just needs more powerful light. Spectrum is good, but intensity is lacking.

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Since I am so far in to the grow - is this fixable?

What lights do you have? Your nodes are very far apart.

Never too late, just add more light.

You could get a single hlg 120 for that small area. Would work great.

So I Changed the light height during the grow. Raised it - per what i was reading. Prob was a mistake to move it higher

That light is great for starting seedlings, I have one similar, but unfortunately it’s not enough for a larger plant.

Thanks for responding! I really appreciate it.

Anytime. I’m out of likes unfortunately. I started out lacking light, we all start somewhere. I can tag you into my journal if you’d like.

I don’t have the $$ to buy a new light at the moment

Sure. Go ahead

If that’s what you have to work with, then you can just give them 12/12 and allow them to finish. You won’t yield much, but if you understand why, you at least know for next round. I’ve seen people do micro grows with CFL for lights. As long as you know why, and accept it, then it’ll work just fine.