Spiraling taproot?

I’ve been in an Auto slump for the past several weeks. The last 4 seedlings have stunted and I think my current one is too. It sprouted 3 days ago and hasn’t grown since day 1. No leaves, just barely out of the soil. I very gently checked out the taproot and saw that it’s spiraled twice over. Never saw this before. Looks good/healthy otherwise. Should I toss it and start again? Thanks!


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I suspect drowning as that is the most common cause of stunted/failed seedlings.

That is not uncommon as the root system gets established.

Disturbing it at all at this stage is a death sentence.
Post some pictures of what you have going on and we will all try to help you get a good harvest. In the meantime, for your next attempt, sprout the seed to get a tail then plant in moist soil, cover it and leave it be for a week at least.


Thank you for your response. Initially I soaked the seed for 24hrs then put in a paper towel. Once it had a root of about 1/2”, I put it directly in coco. How much time do you suggest I give it before stating over?
Next time, can I germinate directly in living soil? That’s what I plan to use once the seedling is ready to transplant.

That is about right but I am not a coco user so can’t advise from there.

Absolutely. There is actually someone on here that simply drops a seed in the soil and waters it. No germination required.


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Coco is ideal for starting seeds as there are no nutrients present to stall it. Like stated it’s likely you’ve overwatered and the sprout is damping off and drowning.

Try this:

Soak seed/seeds in distilled water with a teaspoon of 3% peroxide added. Every 24 hours add another teaspoon. A heat mat is good too. Once cracked and shows a tail put into a Solo cup with a gazillion holes poked through it (hot nail works) and just damp not wet. Place sprout 1/3" below surface and cover. Place a clear dome over the cup and only mist the inside of the dome twice a day for ten days. 24/0 light schedule. Once plant leaves are touching the dome it’s time to put into it’s final home.


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I drop seed directly into soil. I started using Sohum living soil. I overwatered with first grow, but this forum saved them for me. Mine were further along though.

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Thank you everyone! On my next try, I’ll go straight to soil. I was afraid it would be too hot but hopefully I’ll have better luck!

I’d leave it alone, and start another while I wait, but that’s just me.

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Same here, @HMGRWN. Good job @Myfriendis410.