Spider mites week 7 of flower

I’ve got some mites on my unknown girl thats soon going to 8 weeks in flower, it looks far from ready as the pistils are still white and the buds still fattening up (pics when light come on).

Question is what’s the best way to fight the mites without it having much impact on the bud quality. DE food grade? Pepper spray? Essential oil spray? Any ideas ILGM community?

2 Tablespoons of peroxide in a gallon of water will kill them and won’t harm the buds.


Oh wow, that makes a ton of sense…you rock!


That late into flower you will be looking more at washing at harvest than getting rid of them :wink:


This sounds interesting, how exactly do I go about this?

Spraying for spider mites or washing your harvest?

You can use a spray bottle and thoroughly saturate the plant with your peroxide mixture. Be sure to spray the bottoms of the leaves. You can even simply hose off the plant with the garden hose too but that doesn’t kill them.

Washing at harvest is easy: 5 gallons of water and a cup of peroxide, immerse and soak the cut branches for 5 or 6 minutes and rinse with the garden hose.


I used greenclean in a

paint sprayer 10.00 puts out only 5gph propped plants up on crates to get underneath best coverage I’ve seen


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thanks guys!


If you need to kill pests on a harvested crop, you could put the cut branches in a bucket or small trash can with some dry ice in the bottom. Then cover the top with plastic, but not air tight. The dry ice will turn into CO2 gas and fill the bucket. It will displace the oxygen and nitrogen because it is heavier. Leave it covered for a couple of days and everything should be dead. Put some styrofoam between the dry ice and the weed. You don’t want to freeze it or the trichomes could fall off.

44 grams of dry ice = one mole which should take up 22.4 liters as a gas. Figure out your bucket volume and buy enough dry ice to fill it.

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Does this really work?

Hydrogen peroxide in a diffuser and circulation fan. :grin::+1: