Spider Mites problems

What if I have spider mites at the end of my flowering cycle? What do I do? I don’t want to throw out my harvest.


Pics is what your gonna be asked for


I think I can help @Skipthurman
@Caligurl taught me that if you have spider.mites close to harvest to do the following:

-cut the plant at the bottom and leave it whole. do not trim the branches or buds off.

-wash your plant, I soaked mine in a gallon mason jar with water and a few squirts of hydrogen peroxide for about 5-7 min (Caligurls wash process is more involved). I would agitate the water around the plant to get as much off it as possible

  • hang the plant still whole upside down. Any living mites crawl up to the top of the plant, which is now the cut stalk. Every day take a look at the plant’s cut end. You will see them congregate there. Remove them by cutting a small part of the end of or I took tape and dabbed them off if the stalk was real short

-when the plant is dry, the mites will off it. Or they will be dead.

You do not have to spray or use nasty chemicals at the end of flower to control those little suckers

Here is a link to me using this process in my topic:

They crawled all the way to the top of the ceiling and we’re off my.plabts. I inspected my buds pretty closely at the end of my trimming and found no live mites and very very few dead ones. Easily picked off during trim.

Good luck, I hope this works for you.


100% works!!


Thank You very much.


No worries good luck!


@TransplantedFarmgirl and @Caligurl have a great bio-safe technique!

If the situation is dire, Optic Foliar makes a product called Portal.
This is essentially a cloaking mist; it enters the plants system and the pests recognize it as a plant it does not want anything to do with.
It is no more than specific plant extracts that will not harm flowers
Note: It must be used with OF Transport so that it goes systemic.

Mandatory disclaimer: this is only a “theory” and the product itself is not registered for use as a pesticide.


I washed my buds in a 33 gal. container with 1 cup each of lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide and then rinsed them with water and that did the trick.


Great! Glad to hear you could save em.

My plant is budding but small aphids are on the lower leaves and the plant is stressed leaves falling off. I made the garlic onion mixture but can I spread it when the lights are on or do I have to wait when they are off? Only one plant has it but I want to get rid of it so it doesn’t spread. If this doesn’t work I will use your method but it is not ready to cut down yet. Please advise as soon as possible please somebody! HELP!


Welcome @Ebits . We got ya covered.

Sorry to hear your plant is having it rough right now. Do you have photos to show what’s happening? @Caligurl has been known to blast the aphids off the plants with some water, but ladybugs will also eat them up. Can you get some from a local nursery? You can get them online too.

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Is this an indoor grow? How big are they? Pics?

Indoor grow about 2ft tall but now it’s on every single plant. It’s not aphids or spider mites but tiny little things - maybe they are thrips? I probably should cut everything down. Nothing is crawling on the buds yet just the leaves. HELP need your advice. They were doing so great and now it’s a total mess.

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I can’t tell what they are - the photos are too far away and too blurry.

What kind of damage is on the top of the leaf? Good pic?

Have you tried any pesticides besides the garlic one? I find most ‘home remedies’ don’t cut it when it comes to fast populating bugs.

Can you see these? Autoflower purple punch are 10 1/2 weeks old all have these tiny rice shape white bugs now. Should I try Neem when lights are out tonight? Please let me know if I should just cut them down or what to do.


No neem is youre in flower. Those dont look like mites tho. Maybe aphids. Jacks Dead Bug found at lowes will take care of that and safe to use during flower


Can I use that while my lights are on our do I have to wait when it is dark? I have lights on 20 off 4 and they were doing so well!
Thank you I will get some today! All my plants have this little rice shaped tiny white bugs…but they do not look like the aphids I am used to seeing. But nevertheless I will try what you say.


Can I use it while the lights are on or do I have to use Jacks Dead Bug spray when the lights are off (these are grown indoors) or can I spray it when lights are on? Please advise. Thanks


Youncan apply either way, but i would wait until lights off…

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Yeah, I’m leaning towards aphids. I just don’t see the tell-tale damage from mites … possibly thrips but either way, CJDB should take care of them. Follow instructions as to re-appplication