Spider Mites Again

I went out and checked on my grils like I do every morning.
Only this time I couldn’t believe what I saw. I got the mist spray bottle out and sprayed and sure as f…k !!
Believe it or not but this is the 3rd time at harvest…
Do these dam things know when the plants start’s to turn Amber.
Cause that’s when they hit me everytime.
So I went tobthe home depot and bought me an arsenal of weapons. Here’s a pic…

Im just kidding witj the pic…but im ready!! Lmao

But all kidding around set aside I bought this…

It states right on the bottle that it kills on conntac.
It organic and can be used right up till harvest.
So I bought two bottles for underv$20.00

Now we gave abfew things that we can usebto get these dam spider mites.
Knowing how they live and knowing what they knew e and don’t kike we can use this against them.
Spider Mites gate light. They hide from it they hate it so much.
So I turned all the lights off got my spray ready and left for
two hours.
When its dark they come out and do there dirty work.
So I came back in after two hr. I turned one small light on and sprayed the hell out of the grow room.
Got under the leaves as well. After spraying I took 3 leafs back to the house and checked them. I took the leaf where it was the worst. Did not see any movement at all none. I check all 3 leaves that I took and I took them right in the middle of the dam things and I saw no movment at . l will be checking again after
They wake up.


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They’re relentless little bastards, I hope you give them a slow painful death…

That looks like a fine choice of weapon sir! However, for spider mites I prefer the spread of my 12 gague, but it comes down to personal preference

Viva la revolution!

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Im trying to stop laughing …thats good real good choice.
Maybe my buddy will bring his 12 gauge and we’ll do it up big time…lmao


Knowing my luck…if I dont kill these little basterds …all hell will break out and the dam swatt team will show up…lmao


Hey Will! Hope your feeling better buddy, just what you need right now spidermites, right… :grimacing:

I’m sitting here on day 5 with 5 dead seed :frowning:

Like Jerry sang, we will survive, we will get by…

Edit: I’m just kidding too, I’m not really going to shoot them… I have a worse fate in store for them …I’m going to let the cat have at them! :cat:

Oh I know you are and im just having fun kidding around. Cant let this get me down

And thank you…I am feelingi better so far this morning. And those idiots still haven’t got me an appointment for the biopic. So now I gota go down there and stand there till they do and i will be in there way all day long if need be…bunch of assclowns…lol


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At this point I’d be happy with spider mites!(I’m sure I’ll regret saying that eventually) Lol

I can’t seem to get anything delivered, and what did come didn’t germinate… :thumbsdown:

I use the paper towel method…try that…can’t hurt right


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These Northern Lights seeds from Vision seeds via Herbies head shop where tiny little specks of nothing!

Before I put them in water I posted that sentiment somewhere, and a picture of them as well

I’ve grown many seedcrops and I would not have saved these sub-par seeds, let alone sell them to someone

Try this place. I have had 100% with them and I just got 14 free seeds with my last order and all the seeds are listed and excellent seeds. And thoughs are the flreebie.


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Too funny bro! I’m waiting on an order from them as we speak!

When my ilgm didn’t make it (by the way they re-sent right away, awesome company!) I put a bunch of little orders in all over the world and Bonza was one of them, probably saw them here, likely from you

Will, let me ask you about these rapid rooters or as I call them rapid rotters, I’ve never used them and I don’t think I ever will again, I don’t like how wet they are and is no way to adjust them. I’ve always used a 50/50 perlite / vermiculite mix which is very easy to control the moisture in, I don’t get the popularity of these rapid rooters I think they suck, am I missing something about using them? Thanks

no your not…cause I think they suck to.


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Yeah so much for them, I’ll put them in my garden so I won’t have to water but once all summer lol so I’m back to what I know, and I’m using Donalds ‘shotglass’ soak

…well, little white bowl soak and next to that is 50/50 perlite vermiculite in container (ol’skool), which will get the seed in two hours, whether it sinks or not (I’ll never soak past 2 hours again)

perlite and vermiculite mix is awesome! …plus I can dry it out as needed unlike these rapid rotters)

Release the Kraken!


You I forgot all about them…I was so pissed off cause this is the 3rd harvest that these little bastereds have showen up to reak Harvick on me.
You know what…im going to get the lady bugs when I set my girls to flower so when they show up they will be dealt with.


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If you have them as bad as you say…then hell ya…you got to do what ya gota do. You never ever give up.


don’t forget your feet coverings …i had a Spider mite problem once , dumped out the medium . put the container as side in the yard, left it unused for 5 years, then one day i decided to plant some DILL WEED , not a MJ strain either ha and low and behold here came mister mite it webbed a mature plant to death… … they can stay dorment for a LONG time … so show no mercy on the ravenous basterds … …H


That’s exactly what did me in @Hammer!

I finished up a grow fighting them with hot pepper spray and safer soap and whatever the hell else pulled the room down all summer, it was a closet so it was hard to clean but I did what I could, I sprayed bleach and yada yada

…so in the fall I started up again and within no time the infestation was worse than ever and I pulled it down and that was it… they killed my growing ambitions!

I’m kind of surprised that in 21 years there is not a better way to deal with them!? I think introducing ladybugs, which they did back in my day, might be about the best long-term control idea

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