Spare bathroom set-up 4x5

So, I decided to start up an indoor grow of my own. I have helped others in the past and even lived in at a couple grow sites and learned a lot but never actually had one of my own. So here’s what I have going on so far and possible future plans.

Strain: Viper (clones)
Lighting: AC Infinity Ionboard s44 400w on a DIY frame I made from 2” pvc to fit the space.
Medium: soil (Sun Gro Black Gold + personal amendment mixture containing bone meal, worm castings and a bit of terrathrive)
Nutrients: currently working with the classic Fox Farm trio. I use cal mag often as well as b vitamins here and there.
Ventilation/fans: the spare bathroom comes standard with built in ventilation and extractor fan so I was pretty lucky there. I have a 10” fan in front of the floor vent oscillating and kind of pulling fresh air out of it towards the bottom of the canopy area. I have a 12” oscillating fan level with the light but also at an upward angle which I am hoping it will theoretically help air make its way towards the extractor fan above the light. I also have an air purifier in there to discourage mold, dust etc.

Still working on dialing the room in and the temperature is about 68-75 with the light on (working on sealing it off with black out material and blankets to help regulate it better but it fluctuates throughout the day because it’s summer and there’s heat waves) and about 65-68 with the lights off. Humidity is staying at about 46. Hoping sealing the room off better will help with this but it’s not at a bad level if that’s how it stays.

The clones are a little stressed from spending a day and a half in transit via postal service but that was to be expected and it’s nothing I think I should be too worried about. Gave them some b vitamin and very very very light amount of Fox Farm big bloom after transplanting them and thy already seem to be recovering pretty well.
Planning on a short veg period as the strain is 90/10 sativa hybrid and I don’t want to run into a space issue once they get switched to flower.

Any suggestions, feedback or advice on my current set up? Would be greatly appreciated.


my only suggestion is try not to crowd them…you have a lot in that small space…IMHO you get a better product from a plant that is not crowded…have a great smoke session today…


Congrats on your 1st solo run Growmie. Drill a dozen or so holes in the bottom of the buckets for drainage :love_you_gesture: