My new grow room setup

Hey guys, really enjoying ILGM and their products. Already grown some s.s, w.w and n.l outdoor but security was a real issue for me so I decided to go indoor.
Just got finished setting up the room for an indoor grow. It’s a self built 13 by 4, 8 by 10 flower/veg and 3 by 4 clone, mother, veg, breed room. Ventilation provided by 4 inch 120 cfm intake fan/filter and 4 inch 200 cfm plus 100 cfm booster as the exaust. The negative preasure is is awsome, Lighting is 3 1200w Hollandstar full spectrum LEDs. Got 15 s.s, n.l and a.h to add to the mix but a bit apprehendive since my Temps are in the low 90s range. Still waiting on 2 ocilatimg fans that hopefully will solve this issue but any advice or help would be appreciated. In the mean time here’s a few pics of the babys.! And a short video of the setup. Happy growing guys.


Video doesn’t work for me, but it sounds great. :slight_smile:

I think you need more powerful intake and exhaust fans. Let me do some quick math - you have these for intake:

A single 4 inch fan that pushes/pulls 120cfm, and a 4 inch 200cfm + 100cfm for exhaust (300cfm total).

Your space is 13x4 - Ill assume standard 8 foot ceings. That’s a total cubic feet of 416cf. With your current intake fan you are able to recycle the air in your grow space every 3 minutes, roughly. I think that’s probably okay, but I believe we are shooting for something more like a complete refresh of air every minute (so for your grow space a single 440cfm fan would work for intake and the same for exhaust).

Just something to consider.


Check out the video … oh and actually its 6 foot tall so it’s aprox 260 sq ft… there’s plenty negative preasure when the systems running, I was thinking about adding 2 or 3 5 inch intake vents to the tent. What do u think?

@Dwayne tour set up sounds nice
I think youll be ok witn the exhaust and intake set up you have as long as heat isnt a issue
You can always step it up if you need to
I tried to check video out but it doesnt play
Maybe posting a few stills would work
Keep us posted

Thanks for the input, I’ll post the stills later today.


So everything is going ok for now, got the children in their room under 16 hrs of light!

Once they get used to the indoor environment I’ll move them to them tent. Hopefully all goes well.


Ladies doing quite well … been 10 days since I put them inside 8 days in the actual tent. 4 clones and the 2 larger S.S started to flower cuz they all started outside and my daylight hrs are 12/12. They have now almost fully reverted bk to vege on 16.5/7.5… Using fox farm nuts at 1/4 the rec dose with super strive, and my own special soil/compost/pro-mix blend.
Temp still an issue at 86 degrees and humidity at 68% but for plants in early vege I think it’s ok for now. In a few days should have that issue sorted tho… fingers crossed.


@Bogleg @Iowacountryboy
What deficiency is this guy’s?

I’m not to sure. I’m pretty new to all this myself. What’s your grow medium soil?

Are the stems weak or hollow at all?

Grow medium is soil. @Spencer084 stems are fine no weakness or hollow stems.

@Dwayne did you get the issue figured out ??

im a first time grower and my first order of seeds are on there way .I have a 3 foot by 3 foot by about 6 feet tall is this area big enough for my crystal fems to grow

Hey brother, so I got the ph kit and the cal/mg yesterday. Tested the water …ph 7.5 :cold_sweat::worried:
This is with a GH kit, still waiting on the real meter. Ok… ph’d to 6 and flushed plants… Runoff ph’d at about 7.5 aswell.
Ph’d another 10gal to 5.5 and flushed again. Runoff was at around 7 … hoping to slowly adjust over the next 2 weeks. Will ph water to 5.5 until soil tests 6. Holding off on the nutes and cal/mg for a few more days, wanna give them some time to stabilize then I should be able to better diagnose. Temp range still kinda high 81 to 86 until I get the a/c which should of arrived yesterday but is now delayed until nest week sometime. All in all I’m satisfied with their progress … oh and I topped them a week ago!! Will upload some fresh pics later tonight.

What kind of lights and ventilation are you planning on using? And how many plants in what size pots?

Youll get it down wait till they dry out and flush agian with 6- 6.3 ph water
Do not feed her anything until you get ph worked out @Dwayne once ph get back to a 6.8 range she will start taking up nutrients correctly
Then you can start feeding again @Dwayne

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I’m using a 5 gallon pot for 1 plant At a time until I get some more growing in an open room actually the corner of my bed room the window on that one side of the room faces east and a lot of sun light comes in that sport but im also going to get a 300 watt led and im going to use a window fan on the other side of the room to ventilate I don’t really have to worry about the smell were i am


You could grow one very nice plant in that space. Crystal is a great strain to SCROG.

Cool thanks this is my first time so I’m taking it slow. One plant at a time is good for me until I get the hang of it I would rather have 1 with good yeild than 5 that get all screwed up because it’s my first time.Thanks

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