Need help setting up new grow room

So I have outgrown the 2 tents I have. I cloned my 2 photo plants (have almost 40) and the clones all survived and rooted :scream: so me and hubby build a new grow room

The room is approximately 8x8 and I need help finding the perfect ventilation system as well as lighting. Inside my 4x4 tent I have 2 of these
Plus an ac infinity 6in and 2 oscillation fans. I’m thinking I should leave that ac inside the tent because it’s too small for the grow room. The grow room probably need an 8 or 12 in right? How about fans? What fans are good for a grow room? I don’t want to have 4 or 5 little ones I’d rather have 1 or 2 big good ones (less wires less confusing) for the lighting I’m thinking for now getting this one
It only covers 5x5 flowering but I could always add one of my other ones the 320w. Is there a better one I should be looking into? I’d rather have opinion from experienced people like you guys. Thank you also much!


Bothering you guys again :joy::kissing_closed_eyes: @Arrow @beardless @Deepsix

I envious of your future room. Couple ways to attack the lights. Put all your plants on tables in the center and then light that area. Another method the @AfgVet utilizes is to put the lights by the wall and then put the plants by the wall. Either method will give you plenty of room to get around plus grow some killer bud.

How tall is your ceiling? Exhaust fans are built to cubic feet/min is why I ask.


Oh I’m sorry I forgot to mention the room is a little shorter than 7ft tall wise. I just want to get the best lights and ventilation for the space I got. Money is not even an issue right now. I gotta take the babies out of the tents so I can flower the mothers. It’s a mess over here but the clones are looking beautiful @Bubblehead


Awesome sis…I’m with Bubblehead on the lights…I do prefer the way AfgVet did her room…it allows you freedom of movement and you can move your plants…I also prefer more smaller lights…you can achieve better/more uniform coverage and if something breaks, you don’t lose all your light. The fans/extractors you gotta do some math on …:sunglasses::v:


i have that light it is fantastic, until you have to adjust for different plant heights. its like owning the sun. 650r


I am a small space grower so not a lot of help when it comes to scaling up to larger space. However, another referral besides AgVet is @420qc. He moved from tents to a larger grow room and I believe uses 650r s. You can check it out the new room at post 4391st grow journal for 420qc
Another large space fixture is the HLG Scorpion Diablo.
Budget LED also has some interesting options. A new offering is the Demon. Similar output as the Diablo but requires more height clearance.
The space looks awesome.
As for dealing with clones, I went a different direction. I packed 12 into a 24x18 space to see how SOG works out

It is going to get interesting real soon (I usually grow a single auto in this space)

This photo shows why I am looking at fixtures with a square footprint


Thanks for the tag! @FreshGrowmie Nice room and great work with the mylar! Needless to say…everyone’s environment is different. In my case… forcing the tent dropped my humidity…dramatically… along with a few (2-3) degrees in temps. I have one 18 inch oscillating fan blowing from the corner of the room. I’m using an ac infinity t6 to exhaust out of the grow room. It’s on fan speed 4 and my temps are between 75-78 with lights on…2 650r. As far as lights… soon as I saw the new one come out I went and had my shop alocate 2 for me… but then I did my research. The skorpion gives a much better spread… but at the cost of a deeper penetration. So how you train your plants should dictate which light you go with. I don’t do scrog or sog so my canopy varies… to say the least🤣. But if you keep an even canopy… those skorpions are the way to go… if not… the 650r. If I had an 8x8 growing area… I’d also consider 4 350r?!! I’m using close to 5x12 currently with the ability to stretch to 6.5x12… I’m thinking the 350r will help facilitate that stretch. I’m stoned at the moment… hope I helped.
Happy Growing!!




Hi @420qc you are right I thought about getting 2 more 320… but the money equals out almost the same as the 650 that’s why I was asking I want to add the best system I can. You own 2 x 650 what do you think about them? Thanks everyone!


I absolutely love them. Mind you…I have no first hand experience of any other lights… but from what I’m growing and what I see spec wise… you CAN NOT GO WRONG. Once again… if you are a good screen grower… the new skorpions may be better. They have a much better even spread… but again… you give up some deeper penetration with that fixture. If I could do it all over again… I’d probably have atleast 4 350r… but they weren’t available/marketed and I only had a 5x9 tent initially. The flexibility of multiple lights is definitely an asset…regardless of how you grow. Hope that helps
Happy Growing!!


Thank you so much !

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