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Hi all,

This is my second grow ever and I’m still doing it wrong, but having some more success already this time around. Last year, I got about 3 oz from two plants. It would be cool if I got 3 oz per plant this year… We’ll see!

My gear:

  • 3X3x6 tent
  • 2 LED lights, one 1200w blurple made by Phlizon. And one TS-1000 made by Mars Hydro.
  • 5 gal cloth pots sitting on racks over drip trays.
  • TDS and PH meters
  • inline duct fan and carbon filter
  • small fan inside
  • can do attitude

I have three plants right now. Two are unknown bag seeds that I started, and one is tangelope started by a friend. I think the tangelope is a week older.

May 12 - I started my bag seed in some leftover potting soil I had.

June 10 - I transplanted to 5 gallon cloth containers filled with miracle-gro (i am cannabis noob) performance organic soil along with 20% composted manure and about 10% perlite.

June 17 - I topped them and tied the top of the plant to the side of container with twine.

June 25 - Looking bushy and happy. Runoff PH was 6.1 and TDS was around 880. I plan to purchase some Cal mag. I also have at my disposal a trio of nutrients from advanced nutrients. I guess I won’t start feeding until TDS drops or they show signs of deficiency? That’s my next Google adventure.

That’s it. that’s where I’m at now. Thanks for reading.


Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome to the forum @spacel10n

You’ll catch a lot of slack here about the use of miracle grow but I know someone who grows in the the stuff your growing in, black bag with yellow or gold lettering, with no issues at all. It is a different product then the typical MG.

Plants are looking happy.


Welcome to the community! Looks like you’re off to a fantastic start. I’ll be following.


Not sure what u ment by duplicate pic earlier but I just picked sum of my better pics bro

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But there’s sum new ones I got the leaves turning back green I think needed more b-52

the person you are referring to may be me lol.


A personal friend of mine grows in it, but their not o. The forum.

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ok sorry. didnt think anyone else used it like me.

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Oh yeah, no worries. I know everyone bashes MG like it’s all the same. There are a couple of exceptions. And I’ve seen monsters grown in it


Thanks for the welcome, e’rbody!

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We try to keep the forum with minimal duplicate posts. You posted in your journal and posted a new topic. It’s better to keep it in your journal for people following along. Keeps everything together, and the forum more organized.


Welcome! You will get a lot of help from the great members here!.

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The knowledge base here is, 2nd to none!

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I am getting that impression!

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@spacel10n If the group here, can’t come up with a solution to your problem that the plant if having, then just chop it, and start over… seriously!!


Grow log update:

Things are humming along rather nicely. Plants are showing noticable growth each day. A few days ago, I removed a few really large leaves from each plant to expose bud sites to more light and air. No noticeable shock to the plant. I took maybe seven or eight leaves from each.

We’re having a heatwave this week and my basement is a little more temperate than usual. The temp inside my tent is around 83°, probably a degree or two cooler underneath the canopy. Humidity is 61%. I’ve not fed any nutrients and I’m watering about a gallon of RO purified water every 36 to 48 hours.

I might top dress the soil with a few extra inches of my soil/compost mix, but other than that taking no further actions this week. I need to do nutrient research for the flowering flip. I need to raise the ph just a smidge for flowering if I’m not mistaken. I’m going to run out of vertical space in my tent and probably need to flip sooner than later. Maybe 2 weeks from now? We’ll see…

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There was a change in the status of my plants about 36-48 hours ago. Some of the new growth is juuuuust barely showing white tips. But only the new growth near the very top of the plant. My best guess was heat stress. Temps inside the tent were near 86° as a result of this heat wave that had just passed. I put my hand underneath the lights and, naturally, they radiate a noticeable amount of heat.

I’ve been checking on my plants two or three times a day and first noticed these white tips Thursday. Temperature has dropped since then and we are back hovering in the mid-high 70s inside the tent. I gave a small dosage of the advanced nutrients trio - a half teaspoon each of micro, grow, and bloom in 1 1/2 Gal. water spread equally amongst the three plants. They look stable now and the condition has not worsened since correction.

Bottom line is my plants still look very healthy. They’re growing at an amazing rate and you can barely notice the white tips. Still, they did appear, so I’m putting this in my grow log for posterity.

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Boring Grow Log Update

I flipped my lights to 12/12 today. I waited too long to flip. :anguished: On the plus side, my plants are bushy little beasts. :grin: The two plants in back of tent are smushed together and smushed against the sides of the tent. The one plant up front has room to grow still. I dropped my phone in a lake over the 4th of July weekend, so no pictures I’m afraid.

The white tips are still visible on the newest growth, but the problem appears to be controlled.

I need to do a PPM and PH test. I’ve only done the one PPM/PH test many weeks ago. During this last prune I noticed a single yellowed leaf on the bottom of one plant. So, I will be giving a second feeding of AN micro/grow/bloom at next watering and test the in/out. Voodoo Juice and Big Bud arrive in mail on Friday.

I really hope all three are females.

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Let me preface by saying this is only my second indoor grow - I was able to troubleshoot the problem (I think). They look better now.

After I gave my girls their last silica boost I think I did not pH the solution down. About a week later I started seeing classical deficiencies for several elements indicating nutrient lockout. I flushed with pH 6 H20 and was getting runoff at from pH 7.5 to 8.3 dropping down to 6.5 to 7.

To make a long and boring story longer and more boring…I scoured forums and sites and found that white tips is a also sign copper deficiency (I had some white tips). Just want to share that tidbit so you have the information if needed.

Hoppy growing :rabbit2: Jane