SP4000 drivers are turned all the way up

Im new to growing and just bought the SP4000.im happy with the light so far but have a question if anyone can answer for me.Do i have to adjust the drivers on the SP4000 or are they already adjusted?

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You mean dim in comparison to bright?

the new ones come with the dimmer dial but underneath the meanwell driver there is an
philphs head juster.Didnt know if it has to be turned up

Let me ask someone to be sure. @dbrn32

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thanks brother …ive herd that you do and ive herd that you dont and if i dont have to take it apart then i dont want to…lol

They aren’t set anywhere particular from meanwell, I have no idea what spider farmer does. I would probably check it

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I know this is an old thread but adding a potentiometer inline will probably make your life easier. No more pulling the driver off the heat sink or worrying about headroom.