2nd light in a 4/4 tent

I’m looking at this light. Is it the one I need for a second light.

I have to his one now.


You’ll like the hlg light for sure. If i was building a 4x4 space two of those 260 xl kits is likely the way i would go.


You’ll be happy with the hig 260(3000k), will be a good complement to the Viperspectra full spectrum


Light is here and assembled. I think it’s wired correct. I do have a question. Do I need to adjust the driver and if so how. Thanks.


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Awesome! Looks wired properly. On the input to wall you have black to brown and white to blue right? Kinda hard to tell in pic.

Where it says io adjust, remove rubber plug and there’s a plastic screw inside. Use #1 Phillips to turn screw gently as driver is pictured left down right is up

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Yes on the color can I crank it up all the way without blowing my boards or does it need to be set properly.

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All the way up is fine as far as working goes.

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