Sour D or Super Skunk is the big question of the Day?

Skunk is a favorite of mine. I havent had any since the 80s when i lived in South California. And of course Sour D is just a good all around good weed. I seem to have my grow and process tuned in. Both will be Autos. The SD has more THC, but the Super Skunk can be a mind blower even with less THC. I can only afford the 5 seed deal/ $89 with a coupon. ILGM seeds are the best but not cheap. Tough choice.

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So, a true child of the 80’s will want Skunk #1 so maybe Sour diesel ILGM skunk is a lil different. Somewhat skunk but has a sweetness… Just my .02


I’ve heard good things about their Sour D.
Being a lil north I can’t buy from them to try for myself. :wink:


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Sour D is amazing! Kinda reminds me of some Sweet Harlem Diesel from days gone by…

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Sounds tasty. I’ve got a few fem seed left from blimburn that are pretty good.
Not great outdoor here due to humidity issues in flower but great indoor under light.
Very chunky.