Sorry but i forgot to link the device sorry

I noticed this little device that came around and apparently customers are using this to grow a single plant. just wondering about this communities ideas on it and how well you think 1 plant would actually do in a system as small as this ? to me it does seem small so im not sure, just curious.


My feeling is the same. A little small for me!

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A very long time ago my older brother had a little cabinet he bought from a High Times ad I think. It was called a Phototron(?) or something like that. Six sided with mirrors and short fluorescent grow bulbs arranged vertically. Of course this was long before just about anyone had a computer, much less a cell phone with an app installed. He did manage to grow a very small plant of very good weed, it was basically one Cola, and probably didn’t weigh more than an ounce once dried. I imagine this item would work much better than that did, now that LED bulbs exist. But that seems like enough money to make a much better set up than that.