Someone with a pH pen

Can someone with a pH pen test there water. Then boil the water and see if it changes anything. Please and thank you

Happen to be boiling water now. I’ll let you know

Alright, not much change. A slight drop in ppm but ph remains the same

7.4 ph



Just curious if it would change any. I boil the water and let it sit for a few days before use

I also read that boiling the water strips away all nutrients. Not sure if that true. Hope not

It doesn’t. You can see in the ppm numbers. All the solids are still there. If you wanted stripped water, you’d collect the steam from the boiling water. That is how you get distilled water.


That 20ppm decrease was likely just the chlorine burning off.

So me boiling the water before I use is doing nothing really.

A lot of your industrial grade conductivity meters has temperature compensation built in to allow for temperature change in process . Good question @Kingbk0807

Correct, waste of time.

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It is boiling out the chlorine. That’s about it.

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True, it does do that, but will do nothing for the white dust problem from his ultrasonic humidifier issue from anther thread.

Yeah, the solids are still there. Will definitely need pure water for ultrasonic humidifiers

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Yes that’s why I boil the water water. I feel like it’s high in chlorine. Feel like sometimes there is a white dust in the plants. I know the white dust covers the humidifier all the time and I have to clean it off and out the system

That’s not from chlorine and boiling it won’t make it go away, as you are finding out. You need to run something like distilled or ro water in your humidifier to get rid of that.

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Thanks. Will change the type of water I use in the humidifier