Water filtration

Ok here’s a good question my city tap water is around 180 ppm has ph of 8.9 and a real pain in my arse to ph correctly since it seems to buffer hard and rebound I add my nutes drops ph to 7.2 then ph down to around 6.2- 6.4 within 20min water rebounds to around 6.9 just sitting in a bucket. knowing this I don’t water right away I readjust just wonder if anyone has ideas of the cause.I am looking at RO unit but the ppm shouldn’t make it an issue just 180 ppm isn’t terrible water and RO is slow process with lots of plants. Would have to run RO unit almost 10hrs a day to keep up lol

i wonder if you let your tap water sit for 24 hours…would the readings have adjusted?

ive read that letting tap water sit for 24hrs is a good rule of thumb,…to allow unwanted chlorine to evaporate.
also i believe the temperature of water will be a factor in results.

are you testing like, straight from the tap right away?

My readings out of tap are over 9.2 ph after 24 it’s 8.9 I dechlorinate using air or time I never use my water until it equalizes with my grow rooms temps or within 66f I usually plan my watering day ahead and keep 25 gal in buckets in veg room lol. The chlorine was my first thought too possibly trapper co2 or o2 but even that should dissipate given a day or so? Like I said a puzzle